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Takeoff Wordpress Blueprint

This is a Wordpress blueprint provided for Takeoff.

To install this blueprint, once you have Takeoff type:

npm run takeoff:new -- --env=wordpress --blueprintName=wordpress --submodule

This will create a Wordpress environment. Using docker volumes, the source files are available in env/wordpress.

Running Wordpress

Once the environment is created type

npm start -- --env=wordpress

This will start the app on port 80, so you can go to [http://localhost/wp-admin/setup-config.php](http://localhost/wp-admin/setup-config.php) to set up your site. For Database Name, Username, Password enter wp. For Database Host enter db. You may then be asked to create a config file. In your env/wordpress folder create a wp-config.php file and paste in the contents.

Then continue with the install. It is recommended you have your own repository set up for the wordpress content and any database backups.