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Prevent local Git replacement from breaking revision numbers

The issue is the possible local use of git replacement,
which makes replaced commits invisible to most git commands.
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1 parent 53ecf3c commit d0ba93c3b3ddc319281778a00f79abb8d7e8502b @stuartsierra stuartsierra committed Mar 10, 2012
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@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ POM_TEMPLATE="pom.template.xml"
# where 856 is the number of commits since the v0.0 tag. It will always
# find the v0.0 tag and will always return the total number of commits (even
# if the tag is v0.0.1).
-REVISION=`git describe --match v0.0`
+REVISION=`git --no-replace-objects describe --match v0.0`
# Extract the version number from the string. Do this in two steps so
# it is a little easier to understand.

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