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  • What: Clojure running on Javascript VMs
  • Why: Clojure rocks, Javascript reaches
  • When: Now! - a compiler exists, we need libraries and tool integration. Full day sessions 6/10 and 6/17
  • Where: In stealth mode ‘here’ at Clojure/core
  • How: ClojureScript -> ClojureScript-Compiler -> Javascript -> [Google-Closure-JS->JS-Compiler -> Optimized-Javascript] ->Browser/V8/Node/PhoneGap…
  • Who: You, if you’re interested in:
    • How hand-written recursive descent compilers work (the ClojureScript compiler is about 1/6 the code of the CoffeeScript compiler)
    • Writing libraries using Clojure’s latest type and polymorphism tools
    • How Clojure works - its data structures and abstractions
    • Extending the reach of Clojure
    • Google’s industrial-strength JS tools
    • Investigating how powerful code-emitting tools can change the face of web and mobile development…

Getting Started

  • Clone the repo
  • cd clojurescript
  • run script/bootstrap
  • copy clojure.jar into /lib
  • script/repl will start a properly-classpathed repl

Starting the clojurescript repl

  • (require ‘[cljs.compiler :as comp])
  • (def jse (comp/repl-env))
  • (comp/repl jse)

Reading list

More info

Check the Wiki

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