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Shape Portfolio — A TakeShape Sample Project Build With Gatsby.js

This is a sample project to get you started building a static website with TakeShape (TS) and Gatsby.js. You can see the sample project in action here:

Quickstart with Netlify

  1. Fork this repo.
  2. Visit to create a new Netlify site from the forked repo.
  3. Clone the forked repo.
  4. Run netlify link to link the working directory to the netlify site.
  5. Run netlify addons:create takeshape --template shape-portfolio.
  6. Run netlify addons:auth takeshape.
  7. Follow the instructions to create a TakeShape account and claim the TakeShape project.
  8. Change some content in the TakeShape project.
  9. From Netlify, observe Gatsby build on Netlify and then visit the deployed site.


  1. Signup or login at TakeShape.
  2. Create a new project and select the "Shape Portfolio" template
  3. Create a new API key in TakeShape and name is "Gatsby". Copy the API key into your clipboard
  4. git clone takeshape-samples && cd takeshape-samples/shape-portfolio-gatsbyjs
  5. Make a .env file that contains the following
  1. npm install - This will install all dependencies
  2. npm start - Start the development server. It runs on http://localhost:8000 by default
  3. Have fun playing around with the sample site!
    • Change some markup a template file and the site will regenerate automatically
    • Try adding a new field to an existing content type then add it to the corresponding GraphQL query and template


Check our walkthrough for instructions on how to deploy this Gatsby site to Netlify and trigger builds with TakeShape's webhooks.

GraphQL tips

If you're using JetBrains we recommend using the JS GraphQL plugin. This plugin allows for real time validation of your queries against the schema you define in TS though modeling

Reach out

If we can make your life easier we want to hear from you at

Learning Gatsby

Looking for more guidance? Full documentation for Gatsby lives on the website. Here are some places to start:

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