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Shape Blog React — The Shape Blog Sample Project Built With React

This is a sample project to get you started building a static website with TakeShape (TS). This project references the same Shape Blog content template as the shape-blog sample project but instead of directly generating the page source, it uses the TakeShape Static Site Generator (SSG) to create a static JSON API. This static API is then used to build a JAMStack SPA with React.


  1. Signup or login at TakeShape.
  2. Create a new project and select the "Shape Blog" template
  3. git clone https://github.com/takeshape/takeshape-samples takeshape-samples && cd takeshape-samples/shape-blog
  4. npm install - This will install all dependencies
  5. npx tsg init - Follow the command prompts to set up your local environment to communicate with TS
  6. npm run start - The server runs on http://localhost:3000 by default
  7. Have fun playing around with the sample site!
    • Change some markup a template file and the site will regenerate automatically
    • Try adding a new field to an existing content type then add it to the corresponding GraphQL query and template


  • config/webpack.config.js - WebPack config for building the react app. WebPack bundles the app JavaScript and CSS into the static/build folder which is deployed along with your other static assets in static.
  • Webpack generates static/build/assets-manifest.json which allows TakeShape to include the built modules with cache-busting suffixes

See the shape-blog README for additional documentation

Reach out

If we can make your life easier we want to hear from you at support@takeshape.io