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bucket: "bucket name. it is necessary uniq of the world wide"
- "absolute path to directory for backup/restore"
- "iterate directory as you like"
access_key_id: 'Amazon access_key_id'
secret_access_key: 'Amazon secret_access_key'
password: 'password encrypt files for aes. (optional)'
salt: 'HexString(16 length) (must when password is specified) '
buffer_size: 'number of byte max 50000000000 (optional default 32000000)'
max_retry_count: 'number of retry of post if post failed.(optional default 10)'
proxy_host: 'address of proxy server(optional)'
proxy_port: 'port of proxy server(optional)'
proxy_user: 'user name of proxy server(optional)'
proxy_password: 'password of proxy server(optional)'
log_level: 'output log level. value is debug or info or warn or error(optional default info)'
temporary: 'temporary directory path. default(/tmp)