A simple Drupal module which provides a drush command that executes arbitrary SQL and stores the results in a configured CouchDB. Be careful. Don't install on a production site.
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Couch Migrate
This is a simple Drupal module, which aids in moving data from MySQL databases Drupal can talk to to a CouchDB.  I wrote it to move some data to Couch, so that I could play around with it.

*Big words of warning*: don't run this on a production website.  The queries it can run are limited just by the site's configured MySQL users' permissions.  As in: you can destroy everything if you aren't careful (DELETE, etc).

Set up the path to your CouchDB instance, and the specific CouchDB in question here:

Primarily, this module provides a couple drush commands:  
1. couch-migrate migrate <SQL> <db>
<SQL> is a SQL query
<db> is a db, as named in your $db_url array in settings.php
Executes your query, and stores the result in the configured CouchDB 

2. couch-migrate status
Looks to see if there's a running CouchDB.  Tell you which version is running.