The source code generator for Scala ORMs.
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The source code generator for Scala ORMs.

The current version of Scalagen support ScalaQuery and Anorm. It's possible to generate Table objects and case classes for ScalaQuery by the following code.

import jp.sf.amateras.scalagen._

  generator = new ScalaQueryGenerator(),
  driver = "org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver",
  url = "jdbc:hsqldb:hsql://localhost/",
  username = "sa",
  password = "",
  catalog = null,
  schemaPattern = null,
  tablePattern = null))

Source files would be generated into /src/main/scala/models.

Scalagen is still under development. So it has never been published to the public repository. You can get source code and build it from this git repository.


You can configure Scalagen via jp.sf.amateras.scalagen.Settings.

property type description
generator Generator generator instance (required)
driver String JDBC driver classname (required)
url String JDBC connection url (required)
username String JDBC connection username (required)
password String JDBC connection password (required)
catalog String catalog (default is "%")
schemaPattern String schema pattern (default is "%")
tablePattern String table pattern (default is "%")
includeTablePattern String regular expression which matches included tables (default is "")
excludeTablePattern String regular expression which matches excluded tables (default is "")
packageName String package name of generated source (default is "models")
targetDir File output directory of generated source (default is new File("src/main/scala"))
charset String chaarset of generated source (default is "UTF-8")
typeMappings Map[Int, String] mappings of SQL type to Scala type (default is DataTypes.defaultMappings)


Scalagen supports following ORMs. Specify a generator which corresponds to your ORM at Settings#generator.

framework artifact generator classname
ScalaQuery scalagen-scalaquery jp.sf.amateras.scalagen.ScalaQueryGenerator
Anorm scalagen-anorm jp.sf.amateras.scalagen.AnormGenerator
Squeryl TBD TBD
mirage-scala TBD TBD

Scalagen also provides ScalateGenerator to generate source code by Scalate template which is written by users.

You can generate source code using your own Scalate template without Generator implementing by using this class as Generator. This is a configuration example of ScalateGenerator:

import jp.sf.amateras.scalagen._

  generator = new ScalateGenerator(new"template/my.ssp")),

Following variables are available in the specified Scalate template file:

variable name type
table jp.sf.amateras.scalagen.Table
settings jp.sf.amateras.scalagen.Settings


Scalagen could be used as sbt-plugin. In project/plugin.sbt, add:

resolvers += ("amateras repository" at "")

addSbtPlugin("jp.sf.amateras.scalagen" % "scalagen-sbtplugin" % "0.2")

libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
  // for ScalaQuery
  "jp.sf.amateras.scalagen" %% "scalagen-scalaquery" % "0.2",
  // for Anorm
  //"jp.sf.amateras.scalagen" %% "scalagen-anorm" % "0.2",
  // JDBC driver for your database
  "org.hsqldb" % "hsqldb" % "2.2.8"

In build.sbt, add following configurations:

seq(jp.sf.amateras.scalagen.ScalagenPlugin.scalagenSettings: _*)

scalagenConfiguration := jp.sf.amateras.scalagen.Settings(
  // for ScalaQuery
  generator = new jp.sf.amateras.scalagen.ScalaQueryGenerator(),
  // for Anorm
  //generator = new jp.sf.amateras.scalagen.ScalaQueryGenerator(),
  driver = "org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver",
  url = "jdbc:hsqldb:hsql://localhost/",
  username = "sa",
  password = "",
  catalog = null,
  schemaPattern = null,
  tablePattern = null

Execute sbt scalagen. Source files for ScalaQuery are generated into src/main/scala/models.


You can write your own Generator implementations based on jp.sf.amateras.scalagen.GeneratorBase. Scalagen provides some base classes to help implementing Generator.


GeneratorBase is a most basic base class for Generators. Implements generate(settings: Settings, table: Table): String method which returns the source code for the given table.

See ScalaQueryGenerator as an example of Generator implementation which is based on GeneratorBase.


ScalateGeneratorBase is a base class for Generators which generate source code by Scalate template.

See AnormGeenrator and its template as an example of Generator implementation which is base on ScalateGenerator.

Release Notes

0.2 - 15 Nov 2012

  • Updated depended library versions.

0.1 - 17 Sep 2012

  • Initial Release.