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This is the very preliminary design for my reprap. its loosly based on a mendel 90 and prusa 2 hybrid design with a few
added features.

The name pjrun comes from my initials (pjr) and un (unified) as its actually my 4th design, this one is roughly a month old
and as i currently have a m90, this design is my attempted at fixing some of its shortcomings, while adding a few extra features
one thing i was trying to solve the m90's inability to be adjusted once its nailed in place.

All the cad files are freecad and are designed based on 8mm rods and 12mm mdf.

The base MDF isnt actually needed, but it can be either half-width (only covering one half of the y axis) or full width (the
entire length of the y axis).

This model can actually fold down, the threaded diagonal support need only be fixed at the bottom and at the top it can simply
have 2 nuts to hold the inside position and the outside nut can be removed/put on when the unit it folded down/put up.

Currently this does not have a x/z axis - if you use a standard m90 axis (either vertical x or horizontal, these should work)

The other modification I want to try and make is to the extruder element. Between the bowden and the wades/gregs extruder there
doesnt appear to be many options, my design uses a square rod, driven from the end of the X axis to drive the extruder. This
should give it all the advantages of both the extruders (light weight on the x-in-motion element) without having to run a pipe for
the filament. what this means is that on the x axis, the extruder motor will be at one end, driving the square rod while the
other end has the x motor.

Alot of the mesh'ed models can be viewed here: thanks to thingiverse and their WebGL javascript code