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#lang racket
(require slideshow/pict
(except-in unstable/gui/ppict grid)
(for-syntax syntax/parse)
(for-meta 2 syntax/parse)
(for-meta 2 racket/base))
(provide grid arc path degrees->radians backdrop)
;; grid : nat nat nat [nat] -> pict
;; draw a grid
(define (grid width height step [line-width 1])
(define vlines
(apply hc-append
(cons (- step line-width)
(build-list (sub1 (floor (/ width step)))
(lambda (_)
(vline line-width height))))))
(define hlines
(apply vc-append
(cons (- step line-width)
(build-list (sub1 (floor (/ width step)))
(lambda (_)
(hline width line-width))))))
(cc-superimpose vlines hlines))
;; arc : nat nat real real -> pict
;; draw an arc pict
(define (arc width height start-radians end-radians)
(dc (λ (dc x y)
(send dc draw-arc
x y
width height
start-radians end-radians))
;; degrees->radians : real -> real
(define (degrees->radians r)
(* r (/ (* 2 pi) 360)))
;; path
;; pict macro for drawing paths
;; e.g.
;; (path 100 200
;; (move-to 0 0)
;; (arc 30 30 0 (degrees->radians 30))
;; (close))
(define-syntax (path stx)
(define-syntax (define-path-elem stx)
(syntax-parse stx
[(_ class-name:id (method:id attr:id (arg:id ...)) ...)
#'(define-syntax-class class-name
(pattern ((~literal method) arg ...)
#:with attr #'(λ (p) (send p method arg ...))) ...)]))
(define-path-elem path-elem
(append expr [path])
(arc expr [x y w h sr er])
(close expr [])
(curve-to expr [x1 y1 x2 y2 x3 y3])
(ellipse expr [x y w h])
(move-to expr [x y])
(line-to expr [x y])
(lines expr [points])
(rectangle expr [x y w h])
(reset expr [])
(reverse expr [])
(rotate expr [radians])
(rounded-rectangle expr [x y w h])
(scale expr [x y])
(text-outline expr [f s x y])
(translate expr [x y]))
(syntax-parse stx
[(_ elem:path-elem ...)
#'(let ()
(define p (new dc-path%))
(elem.expr p) ...
(define-values (x y w h)
(send p get-bounding-box))
(dc (λ (dc dx dy)
(send dc draw-path p dx (+ dy h)))
w h))]))
;; backdrop: pict [#:color color] -> pict
(define (backdrop pict #:color [color "white"])
(cc-superimpose (colorize (filled-rectangle (pict-width pict)
(pict-height pict))
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