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Functional Data Structures for Typed Racket

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This library provides several functional data structures based on the work of Chris Okasaki and Phil Bagwell. Click the badge above the documentation.

The original library was implemented by Hari Prashanth.

How to install

Use one of:

  • raco pkg install pfds


  • git clone git://github.com/takikawa/tr-pfds.git
  • raco pkg install tr-pfds/

On Racket v5.3.1 or older, use raco to link this repository as a Racket collection. Here are step-by-step instructions:

  • git clone git://github.com/takikawa/tr-pfds.git
  • cd tr-pfds/pfds
  • raco link .
  • raco setup pfds

This will link the pfds folder as a collection called pfds. Then you can require, for example, the Bankers Deque by using (require pfds/deque/bankers).

Data structures

The following data structures are implemented:

  • Deques
    • Bankers Deque pfds/deque/bankers
    • Implicit Deque pfds/deque/implicit
    • Real-Time Deque pfds/deque/real-time
  • Heaps
    • Binomial Heap pfds/heap/binomial
    • Skew Binomial Heap pfds/heap/skew-binomial
    • Leftist Heap pfds/heap/leftist
    • Splay Heap pfds/heap/splay
    • Pairing Heap pfds/heap/pairing
    • Lazy Pairing Heap pfds/heap/lazy-pairing
    • Bootstrapped Heap pfds/heap/bootstrapped
  • Queues
    • Bankers Queue pfds/queue/bankers
    • Physicist's Queue pfds/queue/physicists
    • Hood-Melville Queue pfds/queue/hood-melville
    • Implicit Queue pfds/queue/implicit
    • Real-Time Queue pfds/queue/real-time
  • Random Access Lists
    • Binary Random Access List pfds/ralist/binary
    • Skew Binary Random Access List pfds/ralist/skew
  • Catenable List pfds/catenable-list
  • VList pfds/vlist
  • Streams pfds/stream
  • Red-Black Trees pfds/red-black-tree
  • Tries pfds/trie
  • Treap pfds/treap