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OverOps Rational Team Concert JAZZ CCM Webhook

For a detailed explanation of the OverOps WebHook functionality please visit

This project provides a webhook service using SpringBoot to create defects in Rational Team Concert Jazz CCM. This webhook is based on the fancy shmancy webhook framework create by Tim Veil. Read more about it here:

Getting Started inside your IDE

To get started simply run the following command or use your IDE of choice.

./mvnw spring-boot:run

Getting Started stand-alone Jar file

download bin/webhook-rtcjazz-x.x.jar and bin/ Place in same directory. update

java -jar webhook-rtcjazz-x.x.jar

By default, this will start up the provided examples running inside an embedded tomcat instance listening on port 8080. This can be easily changed by modifying, etc.

To begin receiving events, enable "Webhook" alerts on any OverOps View. You should provide one of the following URL's to OverOps.

http://<your host name or ip>:8080/wh/rtcjazz

Keep in mind, these need to be accessible from the OverOps server (SaaS or On-prem). You can also visit my Docker Demos repo for an complete on-prem example:

If you're using Docker for Mac, like I am for most testing, you can use the following base URLs.


RTC Jazz settings

Rational Team Concert Jazz CCM create defect webhook.

webhook.rtcjazz.api.projectarea=<Project Area full name>
webhook.rtcjazz.api.category=<Full category path>