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The plugin provides a mechanism for querying OverOps as a post build step to ensure continuous reliability.
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OverOps Query Jenkins Plugin

The plugin provides a mechanism for applying OverOps severity assignment and regression analysis to new builds. Run this plugin as a post build step after all other testing is complete.



  • Jenkins running on Java 1.8 or later

Global Configuration

Select Manage Jenkins -> Configure Plugin scroll down to OverOps Query Plugin

OverOps URL: The complete url including port of the OverOps e.g. http://localhost:8080 or for SaaS

OverOps Service ID OverOps Service ID (begins with S)

OverOps User OverOps username with access to the relevant events.

OverOps Password Password for OverOps user.

OverOps API Key When using an API key User and Password fields are ignored.

Test connection would show you a count of available metrics. If the count shows 0 measurements, credentials are correct but database may be wrong. If credentials are incorrect you will receive an authentication error.

Job Post Build Configuration

Application Name OverOps Application Name to match in Query

Deployment Name OverOps Deployment Name to match in Query. Can make use of Jenkins Build Variables such as ${BUILD_NUMBER}.

Active Time Window The time window (in minutes) inspected to seach for new issues and regressions.

Baseline Time Window The time window in minutes against which events in the active window are compared to test for regressions.

** Critical Exception types** A comma delimited list of exception types that are deemed as severe regardless of their volume.

Event Volume Threshold The minimal number of times an event of a non-critical type (e.g. uncaught) must take place to be considered severe.

** Error Rate Threshold** The acceptable relative rate between instances of an event and calls into its code. A rate of 0.1 means the events is allowed to take place <= 10% of the time.

Regression Delta The change in percentage between an event's rate in the active time span compared to the baseline to be considered a regression.

** Critical Regression Threshold** The change in percentage between an event's rate in the active time span compared to the baseline to be considered a critical regression. (from OverOps Query Plugin)

Environment ID The OverOps environment identifier (e.g S4567) to inspect data for this build

Mark Build Unstable Check if we should mark the build unstable if the Max Record Count is exceeded.

Show Query Results Check if we should display the query results in the Jenkins console. Query results are depicted with UTC time stamps. ß