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package com.takipi.udf.infra;
import com.takipi.udf.util.TestUtil;
public class AppTierRoutingFunction extends RoutingFunction {
private static String adjustInput(String rawInput) {
return rawInput + "\nrouting_type=app";
public static String validateInput(String rawInput) {
return "App Tiers";
public static void install(String rawContextArgs, String rawInput) {
install(rawContextArgs, getRoutingInput(adjustInput(rawInput)));
public static void execute(String rawContextArgs, String rawInput) {
execute(rawContextArgs, getRoutingInput(adjustInput(rawInput)));
// A sample program on how to programmatically activate
// AppTierRoutingFunction
public static void main(String[] args) {
String rawContextArgs = TestUtil.getEventContextArgs(args);
// some test values
String[] sampleValues = new String[] { "category_name=Apps", "namespaces=org.comp=Comp" };
AppTierRoutingFunction.execute(rawContextArgs, String.join("\n", sampleValues));