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OverOps Quality Report - TeamCity Plugin

This plugin provides a mechanism for applying OverOps severity assignment and regression analysis to new builds to allow application owners, DevOps engineers, and SREs to determine the quality of their code before promoting it into production.

Run this plugin as a post build step after all other testing is complete to generate a Quality Report that will determine the stability of the build. From the Quality Report you can drill down into each specific error using the OverOps Automated Root Cause analysis screen to solve the issue.

OverOps Reliability Report



  • TeamCity version 2019.1
  • Java version 1.8+

Install the OverOps Query Plugins List through the Adminstration Page. From the TeamCity Administration Page, select Plugins List → Browse plugins repository → JetBrains Plugins → Search for OverOps plugin → click the get button → select TeamCity server.

Configuration Form

OverOps Plugin Configuration

After installing the OverOps Plugin, configure it to connect to OverOps. From the TeamCity homepage select your project → Edit Project Settings → select Build Configuration → Build Step → Add Build Step → Select OverOps from the Runner type drop down.

Extra Configurations


The complete URL of the OverOps API, including port. for SaaS or for an on prem setup

Environment ID

The OverOps environment identifier (e.g. S12345)

API Token

The OverOps REST API token to use for authentication. This can be obtained from the OverOps dashboard under Settings → Account

Application Name

(Optional) Application Name as specified in OverOps

Example: %system.teamcity.projectName%

Deployment Name

(Optional) Deployment Name as specified in OverOps or use TeamCity environment variables.

Example: %build.number% or %system.teamcity.projectName%-%build.number%

Regex Filter

Filter out specific event types from the OverOps Quality Report. Event types include: Uncaught Exception, Caught Exception, Swallowed Exception, Logged Error, Logged Warning, Timer

Example: "type":"s*(Logged Error|Logged Warning|Timer)"

Mark Build Unstable

If checked the build will be marked failure if any quality gate did not pass.

Show Issues For Passed Gates

If checked the report will show the event list for total and unique gates even when the quality gate passes.

Show Top Issues

Displays the top X events (as provided by this parameter) with the highest volume of errors detected in the current build. This is used in conjunction with Max Error Volume and Unique Errors to limit the result set to the top errors.

New Error Gate

Detect all new errors in the build.

Resurfaced Error Gate

Detect all resurfaced errors in the build.

Total Error Volume Gate

Set the max total error volume allowed.

Unique Error Volume Gate

Set the max unique error volume allowed.

Critical Exception Type Gate

A comma delimited list of exception types that are deemed as severe.

Example: NullPointerException,IndexOutOfBoundsException

Debug Mode

If checked, all queries and results will be displayed in the build log. For debugging purposes only.

Mark build "success" if unable to generate a Quality Report

If checked, the build will be marked Success if unable to generate a Quality Report. By default, the build will be marked Failure if unable to generate a Quality Report.


OverOps Quality Gates Report for TeamCity







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