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* JPEG2000 tables
* Copyright (c) 2007 Kamil Nowosad
* This file is part of FFmpeg.
* FFmpeg is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
* version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
* FFmpeg is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* Lesser General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License along with FFmpeg; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
#ifndef AVCODEC_J2K_H
#define AVCODEC_J2K_H
* JPEG2000 tables
* @file
* @author Kamil Nowosad
#include "mqc.h"
#include "j2k_dwt.h"
enum J2kMarkers{
J2K_SOC = 0xff4f, ///< start of codestream
J2K_SIZ = 0xff51, ///< image and tile size
J2K_COD, ///< coding style default
J2K_COC, ///< coding style component
J2K_TLM = 0xff55, ///< packed packet headers, tile-part header
J2K_PLM = 0xff57, ///< tile-part lengths
J2K_PLT, ///< packet length, main header
J2K_QCD = 0xff5c, ///< quantization default
J2K_QCC, ///< quantization component
J2K_RGN, ///< region of interest
J2K_POC, ///< progression order change
J2K_PPM, ///< packet length, tile-part header
J2K_PPT, ///< packed packet headers, main header
J2K_CRG = 0xff63, ///< component registration
J2K_COM, ///< comment
J2K_SOT = 0xff90, ///< start of tile-part
J2K_SOP, ///< start of packet
J2K_EPH, ///< end of packet header
J2K_SOD, ///< start of data
J2K_EOC = 0xffd9, ///< end of codestream
enum J2kQuantsty{ ///< quantization style
J2K_QSTY_NONE, ///< no quantization
J2K_QSTY_SI, ///< scalar derived
J2K_QSTY_SE ///< scalar expoounded
#define J2K_MAX_CBLKW 64
#define J2K_MAX_CBLKH 64
// T1 flags
// flags determining significance of neighbour coefficients
#define J2K_T1_SIG_N 0x0001
#define J2K_T1_SIG_E 0x0002
#define J2K_T1_SIG_W 0x0004
#define J2K_T1_SIG_S 0x0008
#define J2K_T1_SIG_NE 0x0010
#define J2K_T1_SIG_NW 0x0020
#define J2K_T1_SIG_SE 0x0040
#define J2K_T1_SIG_SW 0x0080
#define J2K_T1_SIG_NB (J2K_T1_SIG_N | J2K_T1_SIG_E | J2K_T1_SIG_S | J2K_T1_SIG_W \
// flags determining sign bit of neighbour coefficients
#define J2K_T1_SGN_N 0x0100
#define J2K_T1_SGN_S 0x0200
#define J2K_T1_SGN_W 0x0400
#define J2K_T1_SGN_E 0x0800
#define J2K_T1_VIS 0x1000
#define J2K_T1_SIG 0x2000
#define J2K_T1_REF 0x4000
#define J2K_T1_SGN 0x8000
// Codeblock coding styles
#define J2K_CBLK_BYPASS 0x01 // Selective arithmetic coding bypass
#define J2K_CBLK_RESET 0x02 // Reset context probabilities
#define J2K_CBLK_TERMALL 0x04 // Terminate after each coding pass
#define J2K_CBLK_VSC 0x08 // Vertical stripe causal context formation
#define J2K_CBLK_PREDTERM 0x10 // Predictable termination
#define J2K_CBLK_SEGSYM 0x20 // Segmentation symbols present
// Coding styles
#define J2K_CSTY_PREC 0x01 // Precincts defined in coding style
#define J2K_CSTY_SOP 0x02 // SOP marker present
#define J2K_CSTY_EPH 0x04 // EPH marker present
typedef struct {
int flags[J2K_MAX_CBLKW+2][J2K_MAX_CBLKH+2];
MqcState mqc;
} J2kT1Context;
typedef struct J2kTgtNode {
uint8_t val;
uint8_t vis;
struct J2kTgtNode *parent;
} J2kTgtNode;
typedef struct {
uint8_t nreslevels; ///< number of resolution levels
uint8_t log2_cblk_width,
log2_cblk_height; ///< exponent of codeblock size
uint8_t transform; ///< DWT type
uint8_t csty; ///< coding style
uint8_t log2_prec_width,
log2_prec_height; ///< precinct size
uint8_t nlayers; ///< number of layers
uint8_t mct; ///< multiple component transformation
uint8_t cblk_style; ///< codeblock coding style
} J2kCodingStyle;
typedef struct {
uint8_t expn[32 * 3]; ///< quantization exponent
uint16_t mant[32 * 3]; ///< quantization mantissa
uint8_t quantsty; ///< quantization style
uint8_t nguardbits; ///< number of guard bits
} J2kQuantStyle;
typedef struct {
uint16_t rate;
int64_t disto;
} J2kPass;
typedef struct {
uint8_t npasses;
uint8_t ninclpasses; ///< number coding of passes included in codestream
uint8_t nonzerobits;
uint16_t length;
uint16_t lengthinc;
uint8_t lblock;
uint8_t zero;
uint8_t data[8192];
J2kPass passes[100];
} J2kCblk; ///< code block
typedef struct {
uint16_t xi0, xi1, yi0, yi1; ///< codeblock indexes ([xi0, xi1))
J2kTgtNode *zerobits;
J2kTgtNode *cblkincl;
} J2kPrec; ///< precinct
typedef struct {
uint16_t coord[2][2]; ///< border coordinates {{x0, x1}, {y0, y1}}
uint16_t codeblock_width, codeblock_height;
uint16_t cblknx, cblkny;
uint32_t stepsize; ///< quantization stepsize (* 2^13)
J2kPrec *prec;
J2kCblk *cblk;
} J2kBand; ///< subband
typedef struct {
uint8_t nbands;
uint16_t coord[2][2]; ///< border coordinates {{x0, x1}, {y0, y1}}
uint16_t num_precincts_x, num_precincts_y; ///< number of precincts in x/y direction
uint8_t log2_prec_width, log2_prec_height; ///< exponent of precinct size
J2kBand *band;
} J2kResLevel; ///< resolution level
typedef struct {
J2kResLevel *reslevel;
DWTContext dwt;
int *data;
uint16_t coord[2][2]; ///< border coordinates {{x0, x1}, {y0, y1}}
} J2kComponent;
/* debug routines */
#if 0
#undef fprintf
#undef printf
void ff_j2k_printv(int *tab, int l);
void ff_j2k_printu(uint8_t *tab, int l);
/* misc tools */
static inline int ff_j2k_ceildivpow2(int a, int b)
return (a + (1 << b) - 1)>> b;
static inline int ff_j2k_ceildiv(int a, int b)
return (a + b - 1) / b;
/* tag tree routines */
J2kTgtNode *ff_j2k_tag_tree_init(int w, int h);
/* TIER-1 routines */
void ff_j2k_init_tier1_luts(void);
void ff_j2k_set_significant(J2kT1Context *t1, int x, int y, int negative);
extern uint8_t ff_j2k_nbctxno_lut[256][4];
static inline int ff_j2k_getnbctxno(int flag, int bandno, int vert_causal_ctx_csty_symbol)
return ff_j2k_nbctxno_lut[flag&255][bandno];
static inline int ff_j2k_getrefctxno(int flag)
static const uint8_t refctxno_lut[2][2] = {{14, 15}, {16, 16}};
return refctxno_lut[(flag>>14)&1][(flag & 255) != 0];
extern uint8_t ff_j2k_sgnctxno_lut[16][16], ff_j2k_xorbit_lut[16][16];
static inline int ff_j2k_getsgnctxno(int flag, int *xorbit)
*xorbit = ff_j2k_xorbit_lut[flag&15][(flag>>8)&15];
return ff_j2k_sgnctxno_lut[flag&15][(flag>>8)&15];
int ff_j2k_init_component(J2kComponent *comp, J2kCodingStyle *codsty, J2kQuantStyle *qntsty, int cbps, int dx, int dy);
void ff_j2k_reinit(J2kComponent *comp, J2kCodingStyle *codsty);
void ff_j2k_cleanup(J2kComponent *comp, J2kCodingStyle *codsty);
#endif /* AVCODEC_J2K_H */
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