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Release Notes
* 0.6 "Works with HTML5" June, 2010
General notes
This release focuses on improvements for the new multimedia elements in HTML5.
The H.264 and Theora decoders are now significantly faster, the Vorbis decoder
has seen important updates and this release supports Google's newly released
libvpx library for the VP8 codec and WebM container.
Other important changes are additions of decoders including, but not limited to,
Intel Indeo 5, WMA Pro, WMA Voice and HE-AAC.
See the Changelog file for a list of significant changes.
Please note that our policy on bug reports has not changed. We still only accept
bug reports against HEAD of the FFmpeg trunk repository. If you are experiencing
any issues with any formally released version of FFmpeg, please try a current
version of the development code to check if the issue still exists. If it does,
make your report against the development code following the usual bug reporting
API and other notable Changes
Please see the file doc/APIchanges for programmer-centric information.
Notable changes:
- deprecated vhook subsystem removed
- deprecated old scaler removed
- nonfree libamr support for AMR-NB/WB decoding/encoding removed
- RTMP support in libavformat
- -formats option split into -formats, -codecs, -bsfs, and -protocols
- ffprobe tool
- RTMP/RTMPT/RTMPS/RTMPE/RTMPTE protocol support via librtmp
Added Codecs:
- VQF demuxer
- PCX encoder
- CorePNG decoding support
- 8088flex TMV demuxer and decoder
- enable symbol versioning by default for linkers that support it
- V210 decoder and encoder
- QCP demuxer
- SoX native format muxer and demuxer
- AMR-NB decoding/encoding, AMR-WB decoding via OpenCORE libraries
- DPX image decoder
- Electronic Arts Madcow decoder
- DivX (XSUB) subtitle encoder
- experimental AAC encoder
- Wave64 demuxer
- IEC-61937 compatible Muxer
- TwinVQ decoder
- Bluray (PGS) subtitle decoder
- LPCM support in MPEG-TS (HDMV RID as found on Blu-ray disks)
- WMA Pro decoder
- Core Audio Format demuxer
- Atrac1 decoder
- MD STUDIO audio demuxer
- RF64 support in WAV demuxer
- MPEG-4 Audio Lossless Coding (ALS) decoder
- IV8 demuxer
- CDG demuxer and decoder
- R210 decoder
- Auravision Aura 1 and 2 decoders
- Deluxe Paint Animation playback system
- SIPR decoder
- Adobe Filmstrip muxer and demuxer
- RTP packetization and depacketization of H.263 and AMR
- Bink demuxer and audio/video decoders
- IFF PBM/ILBM bitmap decoder
- Indeo 5 decoder
- WMA Voice decoder
- AMR-NB decoder
- RTSP muxer
- HE-AAC v1 decoder
- Kega Game Video (KGV1) decoder
- Psygnosis YOP demuxer and video decoder
- RTP hinting in the mov/3gp/mp4 muxer
- VP8 decoding via libvpx
Notable license related changes
- remaining GPL parts in AC-3 decoder converted to LGPL
- libswscale can now be compiled in LGPL mode
* 0.6.1
General notes
This point release includes some updates to make the 0.6 release series usable
for users that need to retain the existing behavior as closely as possible.
The changes follow below:
- fix autodetection of E-AC-3 substream samples
- performance fix for seekable HTTP
- add missing VP80 fourcc code for the VP8 codec
- small documentation fixes
- fix several potentially exploitable issues in the FLIC decoder
(addresses CVE-2010-3429)
HE-AAC v2 backport
This release includes a backport of the AAC decoder from trunk, which
enables proper playback of HE-AAC v2 media.
* 0.6.2
General notes
This is a maintenance-only release that addresses a small number of security
and portability issues. Distributors and system integrators are encouraged
to update and share their patches against this branch.
Security fixes
Programming errors in container and codec implementations may lead to
denial of service or the execution of arbitrary code if the user is
tricked into opening a malformed media file or stream.
Affected and updated have been the implementations of the following
codecs and container formats:
- VC1 decoder (Change related to CVE-2011-0723)
- APE decoder (cf.
* 0.6.3
General notes
This is another maintenance-only release that addresses a small number
of bugs such as security and compilation issues. Distributors and system
integrators are encouraged to update and share their patches against
this branch.
For a full list of changes please see the Changelog file.