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A toy Go kernel for Jupyter


This project was a 2013 proof-of-concept Go kernel for Jupyter in which Go code was run using go-eval. The state of the Go eval tools was too limited for this kernel to be useful. This project is no longer supported.

See also

This project served as inspiration for a full-fledged Go kernel for Jupyter born in 2016 and called gophernotes.

See that project if you are looking for a usable, actively developed Go kernel for Jupyter.


To install:

pip install jupyter

go get github.com/takluyver/igo

mkdir -p ~/.jupyter/kernels/igo
cp -r $GOPATH/src/github.com/takluyver/igo/kernel/* ~/.jupyter/kernels/igo

Edit ~/.jupyter/kernels/igo/kernel.json and replace $GOPATH with your actual GOPATH.


To run:

jupyter notebook