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Describe usermod changes in What's New docs.

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@@ -97,6 +97,10 @@ Major Bugs fixed
* IPython no longer crashes when started on recent versions of Python 3 in
Windows (:ghissue:`737`).
+* Instances of classes defined interactively can now be pickled (:ghissue:`29`;
+ :ghpull:`648`). Note that pickling saves a reference to the class definition,
+ so unpickling the instances will only work where the class has been defined.
.. * use bullet list
Backwards incompatible changes
@@ -132,4 +136,10 @@ Backwards incompatible changes
The full path will still work, and is necessary for using custom launchers not in
IPython's launcher module.
+* For embedding a shell, note that the parameter ``user_global_ns`` has been
+ replaced by ``user_module``, and expects a module-like object, rather than
+ a namespace dict. The ``user_ns`` parameter works the same way as before, and
+ calling :func:`~IPython.frontend.terminal.embed.embed` with no arguments still
+ works the same way.
.. * use bullet list

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