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In the past IPython used epydoc so currently many docstrings still use
epydoc conventions. We will update them as we go, but all new code should
be documented using the NumPy standard.
+Building and uploading
+The built docs are stored in a separate repository. Through some github magic,
+they're automatically exposed as a website. It works like this:
+- You will need to have sphinx and latex installed. In Ubuntu, install
+ `python-sphinx`, `texlive-latex-recommended`, `texlive-latex-extra`,
+ `texlive-fonts-recommended`.
+- Ensure that the development version of IPython is the first in your system
+ path. You can either use a virtualenv, or modify your PYTHONPATH.
+- Switch into the docs directory, and run `make gh-pages`. This will build your
+ updated docs as html and pdf, check out the latest version of the docs
+ repository, copy the built docs into it, and commit your changes.
+- Open the built docs in a web browser, and check that they're as expected.
+- (If rebuilding dev, a duplicate version may have been added to the index.
+ Remove this from index.rst, then run `python` to update
+ index.html. Commit the change.)
+- Upload the docs with `git push`. This only works if you have write access to
+ the docs repository.
.. [reStructuredText] reStructuredText.
.. [Sphinx] Sphinx.

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