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Add note on gutting of prefilter to whatsnew docs.

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@@ -11,3 +11,13 @@ especially intenting/deindenting blocks that is now bound to Ctrl+] and ctr+[
* Exception types can now be displayed with a custom traceback, by defining a
``_render_traceback_()`` method which returns a list of strings, each
containing one line of the traceback.
+Backwards incompatible changes
+* Calling :meth:`InteractiveShell.prefilter` will no longer perform static
+ transformations - the processing of escaped commands such as ``%magic`` and
+ ``!system``, and stripping input prompts from code blocks. This functionality
+ was duplicated in :mod:`IPython.core.inputsplitter`, and the latter version
+ was already what IPython relied on. A new API to transform input will be ready
+ before release.

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