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Python NSIS template

This is a template for an NSIS installer for a Python application. It bundles a copy of the Python interpreter, so you can make an installer to share with people who don't have Python installed.

To make the example installer, download the Python 3.3 MSI, place it in this folder, and run makensis installpy.nsi. To customise it for your own use, modify installpy.nsi. The NSIS script format is documented here.

Using NSIS, it's also possible to make Windows installers from a Linux or Mac machine.

This uses bits cribbed from the NSIS wiki page Embedding other installers.

Possible extensions

This template is very basic. Here are some suggestions for extra features:

  • Find and prepare a set of Python modules required by an application for packaging into the installer.
  • Recipes for other dependencies, e.g. PyQt4.
  • Check whether a suitable version of Python is installed before extracting it.
  • Download Python if required at install time, so the installer is as small as possible.