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PyXDG provides Python implementations of various specifications. This is the Giithub mirror.
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docs Improve creating & caching MIMEtype instances
test make freedesktop's test suite pass under python 3
xdg Improve security of get_runtime_dir(strict=False)
.gitignore Add coverage results to .gitignore
.travis.yml Re-enable Python 3.3 tests on Travis-CI
COPYING initial import
ChangeLog Add DesktopEntry.findTryExec() method.
INSTALL small fixes Replace MANIFEST with
README Mention tests in README
TODO Remove docs from TODO Improve documentation


The XDG Package contains:

    - Implementation of the XDG-Base-Directory Standard

    - Implementation of the XDG-Desktop Standard

    - Implementation of the XDG-Menu Standard

    - Implementation of the XDG-Icon-Theme Standard

    - Implementation of the XDG-Shared MIME-info Database

    - Implementation of the XDG-Recent File Storage Specification

To run the tests, run nosetests in the top level directory.
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