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Use the power of the command line, but see what you're doing.

screenshot of Redsnail, showing files panel and git panel

Are you always typing ls or git status in your shell? Have you customised your prompt to give you extra information? Everything people do, we look at what we're working on. Manipulating files and folders in the shell shouldn't be any different - it should be easy to see what you're doing.

That's what Redsnail does. With every command you run, the files panel shows you the contents of the folder you're in. cd into a git repository, and the git panel appears.

What other panels do you want to see?


(Linux only, for now - Mac users, see issue #5)

If you have Batis, you can install by running:

batis install

If not, download the tarball, then unpack and install it from the command line by running:

tar xzf
cd redsnail

Running from development

  1. Make sure you have the development requirements: make, pip, bower.
  2. Run make deps to fetch Python & JS dependencies
  3. Run python3 redsnail to launch Redsnail.