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A visualizer for CRONTAB
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Visualize your cron schedules in crontab

cronv output 1d cronv output 30m


$ go get
$ go build -o ./cronv
$ mv ./cronv /usr/local/bin # or anywhere
$ cronv --help

Basic usage

Cronv can parse your crontab from stdin like as follows:

$ crontab -l | cronv -o ./my_cron_schedule.html

You can also specify the duration to analysis job schedules.

In a case like the follows, the job schedules will be analyzed from now to 24 hours later:

$ crontab -l | cronv -o ./my_cron_schedule.html -d 24h

Cronv can parse cron entry written in basic cron format. You can see the basically crontab specofication in


Application Options:
  -o, --output=    path to .html file to output (default: ./crontab.html)
  -d, --duration=  duration to visualize in N{suffix} style. e.g.)
                   1d(day)/1h(hour)/1m(minute) (default: 6h)
      --from-date= start date in the format '2006/01/02' to visualize (default:
      --from-time= start time in the format '15:04' to visualize (default:
  -t, --title=     title/label of output (default: cron tasks)
  -w, --width=     Table width of output (default: 100)

Help Options:
  -h, --help       Show this help message


Analyze crontab for 6 hours (by default) from now, , output html file to default path:

$ crontab -l | cronv

For 1 day from now, output html file to default path:

$ crontab -l | cronv -d 1d

For 12 hours from 21:00, today:

$ crontab -l | cronv -from-time 21:00 -d 12h

For 30 minuts from now, output html file to path/to/output.html:

$ crontab -l | cronv -d 30m -o path/to/output.html

For 2 hours from 2016/12/24 17:30, output html file to path/to/output2.html:

$ crontab -l | cronv -from-date '2016/12/24' -from-time 17:30 -d 2h -o path/to/output2.html

With original title/label:

$ crontab -l | cronv -d 1d -t "crontab@`hostname`"  # title/label of html file will be 'crontab@myhost'

With width to spread output table:

$ crontab -l | cronv -o path/to/output2.html -w 180 # table width be 180% of the screen width (100% by default)

$ crontab -l | cronv -o path/to/output2.html -w 75 # be 75% of the screen width


Using dep.

$ cd /path/to/cronv
$ dep ensure
$ crontab -l | go run cronv/main.go


  • Add output format/style other than HTML.
  • Filter entries in output HTML file.



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