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IMAP new mail notification utility for iPhone using Prowl Public API
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IMAProwl Version 1.2

 * Requirements

  - Ruby 1.9.0 or later with OpenSSL module.
  - Prowl service account. (free to get your account,
  - Prowl iPhone application from AppStore, not free.
  - IMAP server should support IMAPs(IMAP over SSL) or TLS.

 * Instruction

  - edit example configuration file and copy it to ~/.imaprowl.conf
  - execute imaprowl.rb with ruby1.9

 * Command line option

  -  -c, --config FILENAME       Specify configuration file.
  -  -q, --daemon                Enable daemon mode.
  -  -d, --debug                 Enable debug mode.

 * Configuration file

  - load path order. (it'll be overridden with -c option)

    1. -c option
    2. $HOME/.imaprowl.conf
    3. `pwd`/imaprowl.conf
    4. `pwd`/config.yml (deprecated)
    5. dirname($0)/imaprowl.conf

  - config description

  LogDir: <String>
   log directory, ex: "/home/foo/logs/".
   If it's not defined, output all logs into STDOUT/ERR and turn on debug mode forcefully.
  Debug: <Boolean>
    [optional] to enable debug output, default: false
  Daemon: <Boolean>
    [optional] to enable daemon mode, default: false

   APIKey: <String>
    The prowl apikey of your account
   ProxyHost: <String>
   ProxyPort: <Int>
   ProxyUser: <String>
   ProxyPass: <String>
    [optional] HTTP Proxy settings if it's available.

    Appication: <String>
     application name for prowl. (Identity of account)
    User: <String>
     username for IMAP server.
    Pass: <String>
     password for IMAP server.
    Host: <String>
     hostname or IP address of IMAP server, SSL/TLS support is required.
    Port: <Int>
     [optional] TCP port number of IMAP server, default: 993
    Priority: <Int>
     [optional] Notification Priority: -2(low) to 2(high), default: 0
    MailBox: <String>
     [optional] mailbox to check UNSEEN, default: INBOX
    BodyLength: <Int>
     [optional] body length for prowl notification, default: 100, Max: 1000
    SubjectLength: <Int>
     [optional] subject length for prowl notification, default: 20
    Format: <string>
     [optional] prowl text format, you can use "%{subject}", "%{from}", "%{name}" and "%{addr}" keyword in the format string.  default: "%{subject} (%{from})"
    Timeout: <Int> (in minutes)
     [optional] Timeout for No-Response, default: 20
    NOOPInterval: <Int> (in seconds)
     [optional] NOOP interval for no-IDLE mode, it should be really short about 30 or so. default: 30
    NoIDLE: <Boolean>
     [optional] force no-IDLE mode, default: false.
    Enable: <Boolean>
     [optional] false to disable this account, default: true

Takuo Kitame.
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