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2009-10-07 Takuo Kitame <>
* imaprowl.rb (login): MailBox name should be UTF-7
* tagged as 1.2.1
2009-10-06 Takuo Kitame <>
* imaprowl.rb (check_unseen): try body.encode() with src encoding as 'ISO-2022-JP' if body.encoding is US-ASCII. (don't warry ISO-2022-JP is compatible with US-ASCII)
2009-10-05 Takuo Kitame <>
* imaprowl.rb: bump version 1.2.1
more verbose logging for DEBUG
(warn): new logger function for Logger::WARN
(check_unseen): falling back to default format if @format not usable.
(idler): handle some IMAP responses.
2009-09-29 Takuo Kitame <>
* config: added Format. Interval is now renamed to Timeout
print/log warning 'Interval is deprecated.'
* imaprowl.rb (check_unseen): format string can be used for prowl event text.
simplified string count method.
(initialize): default value of SubjectLength is 20
* tagged as 1.2
2009-09-25 Takuo Kitame <>
* imaprowl.rb (check_unseen): always convert body to UTF-8
* tagged as 1.1.2
2009-09-18 Takuo Kitame <>
* imaprowl.rb: String#encode use option :undef=>:replace and replacement charactor should be default.
* merged 1.1, tagged as 1.1.1
2009-09-17 Takuo Kitame <>
* imaprowl.rb: don't use Iconv or NKF. use String#encode instead.
(iconv_mime_decode): renamed to mime_decode()
(check_unseen): fetch BODY should be BODY.PEEK
(post_escape): used for escaping string while HTTP/POST
(prowl): use post_escape() instead of URI#escape
(check_unseen): remove empty line and white-space of line-head before POST.
(check_unseen): triming should be done before count length.
2009-09-16 Takuo Kitame <>
* New branch: 1.1
* imaprowl.rb (get_text_part): try to get TEXT part of a mail.
(check_unseen): try to get first text part as body if possible.
2009-09-16 Takuo Kitame <>
* imaprowl.rb (check_unseen): should retry to prowl if fail to prowl.
* debian/*: Depends on ruby1.9.1
* tagged as 1.0.1
2009-09-15 Takuo Kitame <>
* imaprowl.rb: use Iconv if it's available.
added Signal.trap(:TERM).
(iconv_mime_decode): MIME decode and convert to UTF-8.
(check_unseen): use iconv instead of NKF.
Don't prowl body if it's contains invalid UTF-8 charactor.
Subject will be shorten length with value of SubjectLength
clear @notified cache if no UNSEEN mail.
rescue all exception while processing text and will prowl with error message.
nil check before checking variable content.
(initialize): default SubjectLength is 30
* LICENSE: fixed typo.
* tagged as 1.0.0
2009-09-10 Takuo Kitame <>
* Added debian/manpage.xml
* debian/rules (build): added rule for building manpage.
replace #!/usr/bin/ruby to ruby1.9
* debian/control (Description): update
(Build-Depends): added docbook-xsl, xsltproc, docbook-xml
* README: update
* config.yml: update
* Tagged as 0.9.2
2009-09-09 Takuo Kitame <>
* AUTHORS: Added.
* LINCESE: Ditto.
* GPL: Ditto.
* imapidle.rb: Added copyright notice.
* Tagged as 0.9.1
2009-09-08 takuo <kitame at>
* 0.9
* imaprowl.rb: STDOUT/STDERR always sync=true
support daemonize with Process.daemon.
config file load path order.
Added some command line options. -c (config file), -q (daemon), -d (debug)
2009-09-07 takuo <kitame at>
* 0.8.2: fix again.
* imaprowl.rb (check_unseen): fix error caused by undefined method 'encoding'
2009-09-07 takuo <kitame at>
* Bug fix release : 0.8.1
* imaprowl.rb (check_unseen): fix error caused by undefined method 'encoding'
Catch the exception while parsing a Mail.
2009-09-04 takuo <kitame at>
* merge non-idle-support branch
* imaprowl.rb (checker): NOOP interval uses @noop value as seconds
disabling account if Enable == false
* config.yml: update example.
* README: up-to-date
* IMAProwl 0.8 -- is now works with not IDLE capable IMAP server.
2009-09-04 takuo <kitame at>
* imaprowl.rb (@idle_thread): renamed to @loop_thread.
(@no_idle): boolean flag for non-IDLE supported account.
(checker): added. noop loop to check new unseen mail.
2009-09-04 takuo <kitame at>
* imaprowl.rb(check_unseen): should use FETCH BODY.PEEK instead of FETCH BODY.
* tagged 0.7.1
2009-09-04 takuo <kitame at>
* imaprowl.rb: Refectoring and Refactoring.
Hopefully fixed the blocking issue.
(status): added to check thread availability.
* up-to-date 0.7
2009-09-01 takuo <kitame at>
* imaprowl.rb (class): @@logger will be initialize in IMAProwl#new.
@@conf added to store the global configuration.
(prowl): refactoring.
(check_unseen): fetch should call only onece with message set array.
change some exception handling.
2009-08-31 takuo <kitame at>
* imaprowl.rb (class): prowl_conf and logger are now class variable.
(debug),(error),(info): Print all log into STDOUT/STDERR if LogDir is undefined.
(idler): Fix issue that IMAProwl won't reconnect when error occurred at check_unseen().
Some clean-ups.
2009-08-29 takuo <kitame at>
* imaprowl.rb: fix does not send priority parameter.
2009-08-28 takuo <kitame at>
* README: default interval is 20.
update, rubygems is no longer required.
up-to-date 0.6.
* config.yml: added Priority item in Account
* imaprowl.rb: no longer use rubygems.
support HTTP Proxy for prowling.
configurable Prowl Priority by Account.
don't output any log when LogDir is undefined.
2009-08-25 takuo <kitame at>
* .gitignore, README, config.yml, imapidle.rb, imaprowl.rb:
0.5 with cleanup Repo
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