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Radiko play from command

./play_radiko.py abc 3600


  • Python 3.6 newer -- for f'' string
  • swfextract(1) --- required for auth, included in swftools
  • mplayer(1) --- for play audio
  • rtmpdump(1) --- for radiko simule streaming
  • ffmpeg(1) --- for radiko time free
  • GNU date(1) -- for radiko time free
  • omxplayer(1) --- used in raspbian

date(1) command

To parse "from date", We use GNU date(1), so that be sure GNU date is in your PATH.

for mac OS X

brew install rtmpdump ffmpeg mplayer swftools coreutils

for debian

sudo apt install rtmpdump ffmpeg mplayer swftools

for Raspberry Pi ( raspbian )

sudo apt install rtmpdump ffmpeg swftools
for raspbian users

This radiko.py force to use Audio Jack. if you want to use HDMI for playing , Change Source like this

omxplayer -o local # audio jack <- radiko.py 
omxplayer -o hdmi  # hdmi 
omxplauer -o auto  # raspi default


usage examples.

Example 01:

Play radiko abc 1008 from osaka for 1 hour

./play_radiko.py abc 3600

Example 02:

Play radiko TimeFree abc 1008 from 2017-09-18 12:00 to 3600

./play_radiko.py abc  -d 3600 -f '2017-09-18 12:00'

Example 03 :

Play Radiko TimeFree ABC 1008 today 15:00 ピタッと

./play_radiko.py abc  -f 15:00 -d 10800

Example 04 :

Play Radiko via ssh ( to correct area ) If Radiko failed to detect area , play from ssh is useful way.

ssh mine 'LANG=ja_JP.UTF-8 python.3.6 play_radiko.py abc --no-play-live --output -'  | mplayer - -cache 128