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An election bot used in the Slack team of the Python Users Nigeria Group (PyUNG)
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A Slack bot used for voting committee members in the Slack team of the Nigeria Python Users Group.

To run:

Install dependencies with:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Go to your Slack team. Create a Slack bot and retrieve your bot token. For the bot's general operations, you should use the bot's token.

If you need to do more restricted things like "message deletion", and depending on your Slack team's settings, you can additionally provide the test token of an admin's account if they agree to share this with you.

Store the following environment variables:

$ export VOTEBOT_TOKEN='your_slack_bot_token' # Use for deployment bot
$ export VOTEBOT_TOKEN_DEV='your_slack_bot_token' # Use for development bot
$ export VOTEBOT_TOKEN_TEST='your_slack_bot_token' # Use for testing bot
#'your_slack_bot_token' looks like this:

$ export VOTEBOT_ADMIN_TOKEN='your_slack_account_test_token'
#Get your account test token here:
#'your_slack_account_test_token' looks like this:

$ export VOTEBOT_CONFIG_MODE='your_config_mode'
# 'your_config_mode' should be one of: dev, deploy, test

Run bot with:

$ python

Working commands:

List of commands:
   :about, :admins, :clear, :ctrl, :help, :initiate

For help on a command, type:
   :help [command]

E.g :help clear
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