Beat Back the Horde!
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Beat Back the Horde!

BBTH is a rhythm-time strategy game available now on the Android marketplace: It was developed by Tala Huhe, Evan Wallace, Justin Ardini, Nathan Partlan, Zach Davis, and Kayle Gishen for a class project at Brown University.

What is BBTH?

Two players battle it out to music, tapping the screen with the beat to create units that attack their opponent's base. They frantically wall off their base during hold beats and build up combos to make uber units. Only one will manage to Beat Back The Horde!


Changes Since Oldest Playtesting:

  • No scrolling of view
  • Change from landscape to portrait
  • No unit types
  • No minimap
  • Better tutorial
  • Fixed many bugs

Changes Since Second Half of Playtesting:

  • Interactive tutorial
  • Removed hit/fail sounds
  • Achievement system
    • Over 30 achievements
    • Achievement viewing screen
  • Better UI elements
    • Sliders
    • Switches
    • Inertial scrollbars
  • Lots of menus and options
  • More songs, fixed beat tracks
  • Better AI
  • New logo and title screen
  • Single player mode
    • With single player AI
    • Configurable difficulty
  • Changed health and damage to bases
  • Improved beat track
  • Animated menu transitions
  • Better effects in game
  • Back button overriding
  • Menu music
  • Haptic feedback
  • Improved combat
  • Improved game over screens
  • Proper licensing info
  • Added gamestate hashing to find any sync issues
  • Fixed some memory allocation problems
  • Fixed many bugs