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New Goa

A simple minimalist theme for Hugo. It is based on the Hugo Goa theme by shenoybr.

You can see a demo of this theme on my website.


If you don't know how Hugo works then read up on Hugo's documentation. There will you find all the necessary information on configuring your site's settings, templating, and everything else that you might need.

To use this theme for your website:

  1. Clone this repo in the appropriate themes directory and reference it in your site's config.toml file.

  2. Customise the site specific settings in your site's config.toml file. There are two ways you can do this:

    1. Peruse the included sample_config.toml file and use it as a reference to customise your site's settings.
    2. Recommended: Copy the included sample_config.toml file in your site's root folder and customise your settings in there.
    $ cd /path/to/your/site/folder
    $ cd themes && git clone https://github.com/MTalalAnwar/new-goa && cd ..
    $ mv config.toml old_config.toml
    $ cp themes/new-goa/sample_config.toml config.toml


This theme started as a fork of Goa but I ended up changing a lot of things so it kind of branched away from its parent theme. On the surface, it stays loyal to the original look of the Goa theme but under the hood there are a lot of changes.

All credit goes to shenoybr, who is the original author of the Goa theme.


See the License file.