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How-to install Talend Open Studio Spatial module ?
* Download TOS DI from
* Unzip TOS DI
* Download Spatial module
* Unzip Spatial module
* Copy the content of the plugin directory in the plugins directory of TOS
* Start TOS
How-to set-up GDAL/OGR ?
GDAL/OGR library is used to create generic schema from all OGR supported format
(eg. SHP, MIF, GML, KML, DXF, WFS, ...). For this, GDAL/OGR should be installed
on the system (
Once installed, GDAL/OGR and Talend should be configured.
On Windows, configure the following system variables:
* GDAL_DATA C:\Program Files\GDAL\gdal-data
* GDAL_DRIVER_PATH C:\Program Files\GDAL\gdalplugins
* PROJ_LIB C:\Program Files\GDAL\projlib
On Linux, modify the ini file matching the TOS executable (eg. TOS_DI-linux-gtk-x86_64.ini
for TOS_DI-linux-gtk-x86_64) in order to add GDAL/OGR to the library path using:
More information
* Home page:
* Wiki:
* Forum:
* After spatial plugins installation, no spatial components appears in the palette ?
Start from a clean TOS zip and do not start TOS before unzipping spatial plugins.
List of changes
* Talend spatial module version 5.4.1:
* Projection issue on MN03 #62
* Talend spatial module version 5.4.0:
* sOgrInfo / Do not skip layer when latlon bbox is empty
* OGR / Generic schema / Missing geometry column (#50)
* sShapefileOutput / Add option to set DBF charset (#49)
* Talend spatial module version 5.3.1:
* Create generic schema from any OGR supported format.
* Demo workspace / Use Natural Earth data to easily run sample jobs
* Metadata crawler demo workspace / Populate your metadata catalog by scanning folders, services and databases for GIS data
* sGDALInfo / Do not stop flow on error enhancement components
* sCSWRequest / Add URL parameter enhancement components
* sOSM* / Add parameter to fail on error or not enhancement components
* sOGRInfo / Loop on all layers available enhancement components
* sOGRInfoInput / fail creating extent enhancement components
* sCatalogPublisher / Basic auth support
* sMetadataCreator / Missing jar
* sGeo* / MIF and GPX support / Clean unused code enhancement components
* Missing library using sSimpleGeomToMulti components
* sOgrInput / List datasource layers when not set
* Talend spatial module version 5.3.0:
* Add support for TDI 5.3.x series
* sWfsInput / error 401
* Talend spatial module version 5.2.1:
* GeoTools 8.5 upgrade - MIF/MID, EDIGEO and GPX format is now supported by OGR component
* sProj / Add custom transform for projection (#10) - IGN Ntv2 grid transformation supported
* sOGRInput-sOGROutput / Read and write all OGR formats (#14, #12) - Vector format supported
* Add NetCDF, OPeNDAP and THREDDS Iterator components developed by IMOS - Thanks to Craig Jones
* New components documentation - Thanks Yves Jacolin
* Talend spatial module version 5.2.0:
* OGRInfo and GDALInfo input components does not set geometry CRS (#9)
* Add i18n files (#6)
* sCSWRequest component retrieves CSW response (#5)
* NullPointerException in sOgrInput with NULL geometries (#3). Thanks etdube for reporting and patch.
* sCSWRequest component for sending CSW request (#2).
* GeoNetwork support / catalog component does not follow redirects (#4).
* Fix wrong log4j dependency version (#1).
* Update for TOS DI 5.2.x
* Talend spatial module version 5.1.1 :
* sGdalInfoInput component
* sOgrInfoInput component
* Tested on TOS DI 5.1.1 and 5.2.0M3
How-to solve GDAL/OGR exception ?
Exception like java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: org.gdal.gdal.gdalJNI.Dataset_SWIGUpcast(J)J
at org.gdal.gdal.gdalJNI.Dataset_SWIGUpcast(Native Method)
at org.gdal.gdal.Dataset.<init>(
at org.gdal.gdal.gdal.Open(
may occur if the GDAL/OGR library installed is a different version of the one provided
in Talend Spatial.
Copy your copy of gdal.jar to Talend in:
* ./workspace/.Java/lib/gdal.jar
* ./lib/java/gdal.jar
* ./plugins/org.talend.sdi.repository.ui.actions.metadata.ogr_5.3.1/lib/gdal.jar
* ./plugins/org.talend.sdi.designer.components_5.3.1/components/sGdalInfoInput/gdal.jar
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