A demonstration assessment app, written in Java/Spring
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Sample assessment app, as per http://talentappstore.github.io/tas-tenant-apis/doc/assessment-apps.html.

This app demonstrates a single assessment type, a basic math quiz. This code:

  • produces POST /tenants (when a customer installs the app, insert into account table)
  • produces DELETE /tenants (when a customer uninstalls the app, clean up)
  • produces POST /assessments/byID/{}/tenantDeltaPings (learns about assessments being started or restarted)
    • checks for error conditions (insufficient credits or missing view fields)
    • grabs basic information about the assessment by consuming GET /assessments/byID/{}
    • grabs name, email, phone number from the assessment's view
    • generates 4 random addition problems
    • if insufficient credits, or missing details (name etc.) PATCHes the assessment to be "Error"
    • otherwise PATCHes the assessment to be "In progress", causing an email to be sent to the candidate with a link to the quiz
  • produces unprotected web pages where:
    • candidate can complete the quiz
    • candidate can see their result
  • and SSO-protected web pages where:
    • user can see account details, and get more credits
    • user can see that candidate hasn't yet completed the quiz
    • user can see there's an error preventing the assessment from starting
    • user can see completed candidate results

To run (e.g. in spring tool suite (eclipse)):


git clone etc.

Start up the image server

Build docker image and start as per https://github.com/talentappstore/imageGen.

Start named tunnel to it (please use your own tunnel name and update application.properties :):

~/Devtools/ngrok http -subdomain=imageserver 8081

Start up a local mysql database

# start mysql in docker container
docker run --restart=always --name gauge-mysql -p 3306:3306 -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=frodo -d mysql:latest

# get ip address of container
docker ps
docker inspect 99ae59d88276

# connect to database
docker run -it --rm mysql sh -c 'exec mysql --host= --port=3306 -uroot --password=frodo'

# create database
mysql> create database gauge;
Query OK, 1 row affected (0.00 sec)
mysql> use gauge;
Database changed

# now edit application.properties to reflect correct ip address