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Our entry for the Liberated Pixel Cup.
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Removed brushgen.lua to avoid confusion

And added a note about the terraingenerator tool that has been used to
generate the terrain tileset.
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automapping Second tree in automapping (incomplete)
config Signpost to mine added
icons Resized some items, added to items.xml, added spell icons, added righ…
items Remove all tempest in the eather graphics, as they don't fit the styl…
maps Add NPCs to cellar of casern needed for guard duty quest
minimaps Removed old Goldenfields minimap
music Added remaining art and music
particles Resized some items, added to items.xml, added spell icons, added righ…
scripts Make walking NPCs stop when a player talks to them
sfx Added Bomb item
sprites Added chicken
tiles Removed alpha channel from terrain tileset
tools Removed brushgen.lua to avoid confusion
.gitignore Updated .gitignore for OSX
.mailmap .mailmap: Also fix Stefans mail addresses
AUTHORS.txt Update authors file
COPYING.txt Added license information Update
abilities.xml Added priority info to abilities
attributes.xml Also capped the max xp
cc-by-sa-3.0.txt Added license information
cc0.txt Adding license information.
charcreation.xml Added charcreation.xml
effects.xml Added snake bit spell. TODO: fix right animation
emotes.xml Removed emote definitions since no art is there for them atm
equip.xml Adjusted equipment slots coordinates
gpl-3.0.txt Added license information
hair.xml Better hair colors
items.xml Add bread as a new item and use it in guardduty quest
manaserv.xml.example Update manaserv.xml.example
maps.xml added townhouse1 from Mountain Watch to maps.xml
monsters.xml Added chicken
npcs.xml Old Trader in Mountain Watch
paths.xml Some base sprite configuration changes again
permissions.xml Fixed running with upcoming manaserv changes
settings.xml Fixed running with upcoming manaserv changes
status-effects.xml Remove status effects
units.xml Add sample configuration data

Source of Tales

This game initially started as our entry for the Liberated Pixel Cup 2012. (see Back then it was called 'Lurking Patrol Comrades' It is a massive multiplayer online roleplay game.

Starting the game

We are using manasource technology as our engine, so you need to install the mana client.

Currently, playing the game is only possible with our modded client. See the wiki for install instructions.

Once you have the mana client installed, connect to server with server type ManaServ at Port 9601.

There you go.

Join the development

Join us at Freenode in channels #sourceoftales and #sourceoftales-dev to chat or discuss. If you want to start directly producing new game content, create a fork and see How-to-setup-a-local-server to start developing. It is recommended to get in contact first rather than creating content first.

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