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A Magento community sourced security pre-flight checklist.
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Magento Security Checklist

This is a community sourced checklist of security measures to take before launching your store. Think of it as a pre-flight checklist so you don't forget something important because you've been in a headlong rush for the last few months to get all the features of your eCommerce site built.

This checklist will apply to only Magento 2.x versions.

Custom code

  • Are all inputs validated on the server side?
    • (TODO: Link to validation tutorial)
  • Are you sanitizing all inputs also? (eg: casting to integers if a number is expected?)
  • Are you correctly protecting your code against PHP string comparison vulnerabilities? (eg. == vs ===)
  • Are you using Magento built in form_key validation on all custom forms?
    • (TODO: Link for more info on CSRF Anti-forgery tokens)
  • Are you properly escaping all output to screen using escapeHtml(), escapeJs() and similar functions?
  • Are you setting HttpOnly and Secure flag on any custom cookies?
  • Are you using the Magento\Config\Model\Config\Backend\Encrypted backend model for sensitive API data to be stored in the DB? eg: payment gateway keys.
  • Are you using any dynamic code execution functions like eval, shell_exec?
  • Are you building MySQL queries properly and not using direct queries?
  • Are all sensitive or system specific settings treated as sensitive configuration?
  • Are you adhering to the Magento Technical Guidelines when developing custom code?

Extension security checklist

  • Do you have the latest version of all the extesions being used on the site?
  • Are all your extensions using Magento ACL properly to limit the scope of users?
    • (TODO: ACL tutorial)
  • Did you perform a security audit on 3rd party extensions used on the store?
    • At the very least execute Extension Code Review against Magento Coding Standards
    • Review if Passwords/API Credentials or other Sensitive Data stored by 3rd Party Extension are not save in Database using plaintext!
    • (TODO: Link to more sample tools to help perform security audit on extensions)
  • Review the need of using Magento_Swagger & Magento_Version Modules in Production Environment (consider to Disable those CORE Modules or at the very least restrict access to hostname/magento_version and hostname/swagger)

Magento Admin settings

  • Are you using a custom Magento Admin URL?
  • Is access to your Admin URL IP whitelisted or protected via VPN?
  • Confirm that Web -> Default Cookie Settings -> Use HTTP Only is not disabled?
  • Are you using 2FA for your admin login?
  • Are there any old/unused admin users which were created for testing or development that should be removed?

Server settings

  • Is your site logging information in a format that is easily reviewed by your team?
  • Is your site logging any potentially sensitive information?
  • Is you TLS certificate properly installed and your OpenSSL configuration set to high standards?
  • Do you have notifications turned on for filesystem integrity?
  • Disable Server Signature:
  • Set secure PHP settings in php.ini
    • Minimize the number of PHP modules you have installed. Remove any not needed by Magento.
    • Disable PHP version exposure: expose_php = Off
    • Disable Script Name exposure for mail() function: mail.add_x_header = Off
    • Disable errors: display_errors = Off
    • Set httponly flag as default for cookies: session.cookie_httpsonly = On
    • Set secure flag as default for cookies: session.cookie_secure = On
    • Disable remote file inclusion: allow_url_fopen = Off and allow_url_include = Off
    • Set open_basedir and upload_tmp_dir to appropriate directories for you distro/installation
  • Are there any (development) files or database dumps lying around in the production document root that are not intended for public useage (for example info.php, phpinfo.php, dbdump.sql.gz)?
  • Does an unecessary .git folder or .gitignore file exist in your production filesystem?
  • Do all your folders in your docroot have the appropriate permissions set? (for example var/logs, /var/report, install)?
  • Have you analyzed your HTTP response headers for problems?
  • Unless you have specific requirements for them have you limited all requests to GET and PUT?
  • TODO: need to add mod_security information

Regular Maintenance

  • Do you have an Incident Response Plan implemented and tested (mock scenario)?
  • Do you have a person with regular scheduled time to review log messages for suspicious behaviour?
    • What is your process for dealing with IP address that are attempted to directory bruteforcing?
  • Do you have automated offsite backups for your site enabled?

Magento Core

  • Does your site contain the latest security patches and updates?
  • Do you have a person with a subscription to security notices from Magento security blog for urgent patches/updates?
  • Do you have a recurring reminder to execute regularly review validity of existing Admin accounts?
    • Recommended monthly

External security concerns

  • If you are using a Web Application Firewall (WAF) does it provide virtual patching and how do you keep it up to date?
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