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Functions for installing softwares from within R
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The installr package offers a set of R functions for the installation and updating of software (currently, only on Windows OS), with a special focus on R itself. This package has two main goals:

  1. To make updating R (on windows) as easy as running a function.
  2. To make it as easy as possible to install all of the needed software for R development (such as git, RTools, etc), as well as for reproducible research using R (such as MikTeX, pandoc, etc).


While for Linux users, the installation process of new software may be just running a short line of code, for the regular Windows user it often includes browsing online, finding the latest version, downloading it, running the installer, and deleting the installation file. All of these steps are automatically done using functions in this package.


To install the stable version on CRAN:


To install the GitHub version:

if (!require('devtools')) install.packages('devtools')
install_github('installr', 'talgalili')


If you are using the Rgui, you will see a new menu added on your top right (just by "help"), giving you the option to update R, or install new software.

For command line use you can update R by running:

updateR() # this will open dialog boxes to take you through the steps.

Or install a new software simply by running:

installr() #  user can easily select (via a GUI interface) a software to install.


You are welcome to:

Available functions are:

  • updateR() - serves as a "check for updates" function of R itself. Running the function will check for a newer version of R than the one currently used. If one exists, the function will download the most updated R version and run its installer. Once done, the function will offer to copy (or move) all of the packages from the old R library to the new R library. It will then offer to update the moved packages, offer to open the new Rgui, and lastely, it will quit the old R.
  • install.RStudio() - download and runs the installer for RStudio.
  • install.Rtools() - download and runs the installer for Rtools (allowing the user to choose which version to download)
  • install.pandoc() - download and runs the installer for pandoc.
  • install.MikTeX() - download and runs the installer for MikTeX.
  • install.git() - download and runs the installer for git-gui.
  • - for installing package from a url of a ZIP file. Currently, it is the only option I know of for downloading+installing a direct ZIP of an R package.
  • install.URL() - gets a URL of a zipped file, and makes sure to download and run it.
  • install.LyX()
  • install.LaTeX2RTF()
  • install.GitHub()
  • install.ImageMagick()
  • install.GraphicsMagick()
  • install.SWFTools()
  • install.FFmpeg()
  • install.7zip()
  • install.notepadpp()
  • install.npptor()
  • install.Cygwin()
  • manage.os() - for shutdown/sleep of a Windows computer (useful for running at the end of a simulation)
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