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Functions for installing softwares from within R
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The installr package offers a set of R functions for the installation and updating of software (currently, only on Windows OS), with a special focus on R itself. This package has two main goals:

  1. To make updating R (on windows) as easy as running a function.
  2. To make it easy to install all of the needed software for R development (such as git, and RTools), and reproducible research using R (such as MikTeX and pandoc), as easy as possible.

The available functions are:

  • update.R() - serves as a "check for updates" function of R itself. Running the function will check for a newer version of R than the one currently used. If one exists, the function will download the most updated R version and run its installer.

  • install.RStudio() - download and runs the installer for RStudio.

  • install.Rtools() - download and runs the installer for Rtools (allowing the user to choose which version to download)
  • install.pandoc() - download and runs the installer for pandoc.
  • install.MikTeX() - download and runs the installer for MikTeX.
  • install.git() - download and runs the installer for git-gui.
  • - for installing package from a url of a ZIP file. Currently, it is the only option I know of for downloading+installing a direct ZIP of an R package.
  • install.URL() - gets a URL of a zipped file, and makes sure to download and run it.

You are welcome to submit suggestions and bug-reports at: I also welcome patches on: And any friendly e-mail to:

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