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Version 2.0 (under development)

  • Link to your social profiles
  • Upgraded to Twitter Bootstrap 2.3.2
  • Upgraded to Tipue Search 3.1
  • Support for custom.css
  • Stat Counter Analytics support
  • Google Universal Analytics support
  • Support for custom icons for social profiles
  • Support for Pelican (>3.3) new metadata modified
  • Support for Social Media Tags
  • Support for Google Authorship
  • Translations support
  • article.comments_intro that overrides COMMENTS_INTRO. Now you can define article specific comments introduction
  • Add Disqus comments to Pages
  • All customizable variables consolidated in a single _defaults.html, making it easier for you to customize or even localize the theme


  • Performance improvement- 4x faster output
  • Reduce number of HTTP requests using assets plugin
  • Shortcut icons, like favicon, are disabled by default. Set USE_SHORTCUT_ICONS to true to enable it

Visual Style

  • Email newsletter subscriber form style matches rest of the theme
  • Article images have a visible border
  • Block quotes have a quote icon instead of a thick line on left
  • Article's paragraph font size is bigger, for better readability
  • Remove unnecessary padding in sidebar's tag list
  • Archives page and recent posts on home page have better presentation
  • Time stamps in categories and tags pages are justified
  • Line number in code block is hidden on tablets and phones to save space for content
  • More sizes of image for Apple Touch icons
  • Fixed: Nested lists have different font sizes
  • Fixed: CSS style rules for literal block in reST is missing
  • Fixed: Long lines in code block will wrap to next line
  • Fixed: Code block will not play nice with line numbers
  • Fixed: Subscribe button changes its size on smaller screens
  • Fixed: Articles under tag heading on tags page are not sorted
  • Fixed: URL scheme for blogs which are not published to the root folder
  • Fixed: Footer is always under the fold even on smaller length web pages
  • Fixed: Site Name and top navigation menu move to left on wide displays
  • Fixed: Page link is not active in the navbar if SAVE_PAGE_AS is not set to default


  • Use neighbor plugin to show next and previous articles
  • Use assets plugin to minify CSS and JS files
  • Support for share_post plugin
  • Support for related_posts plugin
  • Support for multi_part plugin


  • Search results link open in the same window, which is consistent with internet search engines
  • Comments section message changes when user toggles it
  • Fixed: Clicking Search button in 404.html does not trigger search

Version 1.3

  • Next and previous article navigation is placed below comments section so that article's content and comments appear together
  • Article title and site name in <title> tag is separated by · which is cleaner and more subtle than -
  • Subtitle of articles and pages is added in <title> tag along with main title
  • Description meta tag on Home Page uses SITE_DESCRIPTION
  • Bug fix: Expand comments section if URL points to a comment
  • Bug fix: CSS style of links in an unordered list inside article content is different from article links

Version 1.2

  • RSS and Atom feed links
  • CSS style for permanent links added. It is visible only user hovers over the heading
  • Block quote is indented towards left
  • Bug fix: Hyperlink dashed underline is not visible on Chrome
  • Bug fix: Text in list goes beyond list marker when text is long and overflows to next line
  • Bug fix: Disqus comment count is always 0

Version 1.1

  • Add template for pages. Pages do not have tags, category and Disqus comments
  • Keep style of a hyperlink in modified meta data consisted with the theme
  • Add keywords meta tag that uses keywords, tags and category attribute of articles and pages
  • Validate search form for empty strings
  • If RECENT_ARTICLES_COUNT is undefined, set it to 10. So that Pelican does not throw critical error
  • Bug fix: Path of search.html in search form action should always be absolute
  • Bug fix: Copyright meta tag should be set to the author, instead of the license
  • Bug fix: Close meta tags
  • Bug fix: ID of search form in 404 page should be different from the ID of search form in main navigation
  • Bug fix: Links in ordered list in an article do not conform to the link style in rest of the article

Version 1.0

  • Initial release