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Rob and Mike's Telnet Internet Talker Server
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--==--                                                                    --==--
       Welcome to RaMTITS version 2.2, the newest release in the RaMTITS
       talker source code.  What this README file aims to do is help you
       out in configuring your talker for the first time.
--==--                                                                    --==--

	Please be aware that this program assumes you have some programming
experience, as you would need it if you want to fully customizing a talker
into suiting your theme. These documents also assume you know something
about your shell, and the commands, such as: cd ~/ would take you to your
home directory.  When I refer to something starting with '~/' I'm assuming
you know that this is your home directory on your server, and that when
you install RaMTITS, it's installed into ~/ramtits-2.x (where x is the number
of the current distribution).

	Your first step is to go read everything in ~/ramtits-2.2/docs and
get an idea on how/why everything is the way it is.. it'll save you a lot of
frustration later when trying to set everything up.

	Your second step is to run the 'make_config' file found in this
directory. Run it by typing './make_config'.  If it gives you a 'Permission
Denied' message, type 'chmod 777 make_config' and then try running it. If
that doesn't work try just running 'sh ./make_config'. If that still doesn't
work, then I honestly don't know.. there's something screwy with your shell
prompt. Either e-mail me, and in that e-mail include information such as
which OS / distribution you're using (ie Slackware Linux 7.1), and make
sure that you have bash/sh installed on your server (ls -l /bin/sh /bin/bash).
You can see my e-mail at the bottom of this README. Answer all the questions
that this program asks you and it will create a config file for you, (If you
want to change anything later on you can use the '.change' command in the

	Next, we got to do some minor directory creations... this shouldn't
take too long.  If you plan on using the webpage generator, you need the
proper directories created. If you're not sure which directory that your
webspace belongs in, contact your server's system administrator and ask
him/her. (Normally it can be found in /home/loginname/public_html).  Once
you've found out, create a directory in there called 'users', for example:

  mkdir ~/webspace/users

	Replace 'webspace' with the directory where you're supposed to store
your webpage files.  For more information on the webpage generator, go read
~/ramtits-2.x/docs/README.webpages, as that gives you the general info on what
you need to do in order to get the generator working properly.

	Allright, for those of you who have said that RaMTITS was not a
code which was easy to customize, you are fairly wrong, the most you want
to do if you want a unique colour system then that of the default talker,
is go into the code and change the colour codes to that of whatever colours
you wish.  Otherwise, all unique phrases and what not can be customized in
the ~/ramtits-2.x/include/custom1.h file.  But be warned.. if you remove or
modify a line that has "/* Leave this alone */" on it, your talker may not
run properly, that's why that warning is there ;).  But you can change the
text that actually appears in anything below those warnings.  Just make
sure that if it has a quotation mark (") at the beginning, it'll need one
at the end of the phrase.  Use the sample sentences already there to guide
you.  For more information on these things, see:


As this is the file that gives a bit more information on what everything
in the custom1.h file does/displays to the users.

	Ok, we got this far, now we need to compile the code, be forwarned
tho, I've only really tested this code out on a Slackware 7.1 and 
Slackware 8.0 But I am hoping that it will work on all flavours of linuxes,
although it may need some tweaking on other linux boxes.  Simply go into the
bin directory:

	cd ~/ramtits-2.x/bin

	Once there type './compile'.  Oh yah.. forgot to mention, you need
gmake or a relevant 'make' command installed, otherwise you can compile
each file seperatly, but that would take too long to explain, go get gmake
from if you don't have it and tell your system admin
to get off his/her lazy ass and install it.  After it compiles, hopefully
without any problems, you should be prompted if you want to start the talker.
Choose yes, telnet into the port you specified, and start your customizing :)

	To connect to your talker after you've started it, simply type:
telnet 0 [port]. Where the port is the port you specified when you generated
your config file.  Once you've connected, use the login 'test' with the
password 'tester' (all lower case). Then start configuring your talker.
The main helpfiles you'll want to check out are: '.h rmadmin', '.h change',
and '.h make'.

--==--                                                                    --==--
   If you have any questions or concerns reguarding this README, please feel
   free to contact me at:

   Or if you're have a problem configuring something, please be sure to check
   the RaMTITS help forum at:
   There is also a talker made for talker coders, and talker owners. If you
   would like to visit it, it can be found at: 6980

--==--                                                                    --==--
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