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BOLTS (based on NUTS 3.3.3)
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*** README for triple three (3.3.3 :) ***

Read the DOCS/diffs file for update information.

Welcome to NUTS if you're a first time user. Hopefully you'll find it a
simple system to use thanks to the helpfiles and the documentation , if not
then please feel free to email me at the address at the end of this file.
Before I continue though I must stress that I WILL NOT SORT OUT BUGS OF YOUR
OWN MAKING OR WRITE CODE FOR YOU! If you write your own code or alter my
code and fuck it up thats your problem, I have my own projects to do and I
am *not* interested in sorting out yours. I've had one too many emails from
people asking me to sort out the mess they've made and I'm getting rather sick 
of it. However, despite me putting this request in the 3.3.1 docs some people 
have seen fit to ignore it so heres an added incentive: mail me about your cock
ups and not only will I not reply to the mail but I will keep a note of your 
email address and I will not reply to *any* mails you send me even if its about
problems with *my* code. Its your choice. 

I know I've said this before but this time I really mean it. This is the final
version of NUTS 3. I have ideas in mind for a version 4 but thats years away
so in the meantime this is it :) And to prove I mean it this is the first
version of NUTS for a long long time without a backdoor in it as I'm sure 101
hackers will test and find out to be true :)

Unfortunately I still haven't found out what the colour reset code for
SCO consoles and strict ansi terminals is so if you're using one of these 
things may look messy. No one mailed me the code and the SCO terminfo 
translation tools proved less than helpful so theres not much I can do. Sorry.

Now go and read the DOCS/compiling file for info on how to get started if 
you're new to NUTS and all the other files there will be usefull in time also.

Neil Robertson - November 1996

home page     :
NUTS home page:

NB: If anyone is also interested in MUDs I've written a MUD system called 
    Ogham -
    Its not as complex as perhaps LPmuds or Dikumuds are but if you know C and 
    want to set up a low to medium complexity mud then this is just what you 
    need :) 
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