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Ncohafmuta (based on IForms, which was derived from NUTS 1.x)
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"Have fun with the code, but don't expect it to work miracles. The essence 
of a good talker is its atmosphere, and you wont get that just by copying 
this code. You have to code hard, make it unique and be prepared to put in 
major amounts of time and effort."

README file for the Ncohafmuta 1.5.x talker program

This file is in the directory "docs/"

Read docs/README.quickstart first for a quick guide on how to get your talker
up and running.
MAKE SURE YOU READ docs/README.compiling before trying to compile!!
MAKE SURE YOU READ docs/COPYING before doing ANYTHING to the distribution

The following directories and files exist underneath the main dir...
Makefile         - This file makes/compiles the talker code for unix types

srcfiles/	 - Directory containing the source code for the server
objfiles/	 - Directory containing .o object files from compiling
hdrfiles/	 - Directory containing header and library files

In srcfiles:
<name>.c         - Actual code file containing source related to <name> 
                   (should only be edited by programmer)

In hdrfiles:
constants.h      - Library file containing setable system variables
text.h           - Another Library file containing setable text messages
resolver_clipon.h - Library file for the external resolver
config.h         - OS dependent definitions created by ./configure
authuser.h       - Library code file (shouldn't have to be touched)
protos.h         - Function declarations (shouldn't have to be touched)
telnet.h         - Telnet Options Library file (shouldn't be touched)
netdb.h          - Network Resolution Library file (shouldn't be touched)
resolv.h         - Network Resolution Library file (shouldn't be touched)
nameser.h        - Network Resolution Library file (shouldn't be touched)
includes.h       - Library code file (shouldn't have to be touched)
snprintf.h       - Snprintf library code file (shouldn't have to be touched)
osdefs.h         - OS dependent library code file

bot              - Directory where all the robot files reside
config           - Directory containg room descriptions, atmospheres, and
                   the talker INIT file.
config/birthday     - Room desc for a user's birthday to go in main room.
config/<room_name>  - A room's room description (ascii text)
                    - A room's atmospherics
config/init_data    - File containing the room connections and names.
                      Read the README.init_data doc for more information.

docs/README            - This file
docs/README.backups    - File on howto backup & restore code and userfiles
docs/README.compiling  - File on howto compile the code in unix & WINDOWS
docs/README.color      - File on howto use colors in the talker and code
docs/README.converting - File on howto convert user files when upgrading
docs/README.socials    - File on howto add more socials
docs/README.commandadd - File on howto add more commands
docs/README.debugging  - File on howto debug your talker
docs/README.dns_resolving - File on how DNS resolution works/options
docs/README.init_data  - File on how to configure config/init_data
docs/README.openbsd    - File with notes on OpenBSD compiling
docs/README.quickstart - File giving a primer on getting your talker set up.
docs/README.solaris    - File with solutions for a solaris problem
docs/README.tracking   - File explaining code tracking
docs/README.upgrading  - File on howto upgrade the talker code.
docs/README.utils      - File on utility programs included with the code.
docs/README.webfiles   - File on how the web port works and what each file
docs/    - File with info specifically related to trying to
			 run/compile the code on a win32 system
docs/README.os2        - File with info specifically related to 
                         running/compiling the code on an OS/2 system
docs/BUGS              - Known bugs in the code. You mean there are bugs?!
docs/CHANGES           - Chronological list of enhancements to the code
docs/CREDITS           - Homo-Sapien credits
docs/COPYING           - Copyright information

helpfiles        - Directory containing the talker's help files.
helpfiles/TOP    - Script to update the helpfiles list. READ this.
helpfiles/birthday - Birthday file for the month
junk             - Directory used to hold temp storage files
lib              - Directory containg the MOTD, FAQ, WIZLIST, etc..
lib/activity     - File login activity is appended to by the talker at
                   the end of each day.
lib/agreefile    - File new users see before confirming their password.
lib/announce.c   - Program run from "down" script
lib/down         - Script that should be up/running when talker is down.
lib/downchat.txt - Text file shown during the "down" program
lib/emailver     - Directory containing files related to new user
                   registration by email
lib/emailver/e-instruct1 -
                   Text file presented on connection to a new user when
                   new-user-email-verification is enabled.
lib/emailver/e-instruct2 -
                   Text file presented on connection to a new user when
                   they return after a password has been mailed to them
                   with email-verification.
lib/emailver/veriemail -
                   Text file emailed to user (with username and
                   password) after they enter an email address when
                   new-user-email-verification is enabled.
lib/emailver/veritracking -
                   Text file created to keep track of users that
                   have been emailed a password to create their new user,
                   when new-user-email-verification is enabled.
lib/exempts      - File containing users exempt from .expire
lib/faqfile      - FAQ file for users
lib/hangman_words - List of words used by the .hangman command
lib/loginhelp    - File users see when they type "help" at the login prompt
lib/make_announce- Script that compiles the announce program on your host
lib/mapfile      - Map file for the talker's .map
lib/motd0        - First random MOTD (Log-in title screen) for main port
lib/motd1        - Second random MOTD (Log-in title screen) for main port
lib/namebans     - File containing names that are banned from use
lib/newsfile     - Talker news. File read for  .news
lib/nukewarn	 - File sent in an email to users who are ready to be
lib/rulesfile    - File users see when they use the .rules command.
lib/schedule     - File users see when they use the .schedule command.
lib/sitecash	 - File containing ips/hostnames that are being cached for
		   DNS resolution (more details in README.dns_resolving)
lib/sitecash.def - File containing ips/hostnames that are being
		   permanently cached for DNS resolution.
lib/sysfullfile  - File shown to connections when the talker is filled
lib/talkerlist   - Listing of other talkers. Created/Changed with .talker
lib/votefile     - File containing current vote issue for .vote
Do a ".vote -c" as ROOT_ID to start or reset a vote. THEN do a
.vote -d to enter the vote topic. Don't do it the other way around!
Shouldn't touch the following 2 files.
lib/votetallies  - File containing the tally of votes        (don't touch)
lib/voteusers    - File containing the users that have voted (don't touch)
lib/wizlist      - File users see when they use the .wlist command.
lib/wizmotd0     - First random MOTD (Log-in title screen) for wizard port
lib/wizmotd1     - Second random MOTD (Log-in title screen) for wizard port

logfiles	 - Directory containing all talker-generated log files
logfiles/lastcommand  - File containing the last command executed in the 
logfiles/lastcommand.CRASH  - File containing the last command executed 
                              before a talker crash.
logfiles/<date>	 - Directory containing backed up/archived log files
maildir          - Directory containing users mail
messboards       - Directory containging all rooms message boards
messboards/gripes   - Gripes/Complaint board
messboards/suggs    - Suggestion board
messboards/wizmess  -  Wizard message board
newrestrict      - Directory containg sites banned from making new users
objs		 - Directory containing .o object files from compiling
picture          - Directory containing .preview, .picture, and .ptell files
prodir           - Directory containing users profiles
restart          - Script to restart the talker
restrict         - Directory containing sites banned from all logins
server           - Actual talker program that gets runned (cannot be edited)	 - Talker-generated file containing the process ID of the
		   currently running talker.
shutdown	 - Script to shut down the talker from the command line
tzinfo		 - Directory containing timezone info for .time
users            - Directory containing all users main data files
utils            - Directory containing talker utilities (if any)
utils/addstruct.c - Program to add a structure to end of all user files
utils/backup     - Script to backup all data files.
utils/backupd    - Where the backup archives reside
utils/restore    - Script to restore all or partial files from a backup
utils/no_make_compile - Script for compiling the talker on systems
                        without the "make" command
utils/code_fragments/  - Directory containing miscellaneous talker code
utils/trace      - Script to run the strace program with a pid argument
utils/trimbackups.c - Program to trim backups created with backup script
wizinfo          - Directory containing wizard information (emails, etc..)
warnings         - Directory containing logs for problem users (made from
webfiles	 - Directory containing files and config for the external
		   web port
webfiles/connect - Directory containing files for Dave Jarvis's Terminal 
		   Emulator. The index.html file is already configured for use
		   under the code's webport. Read the README in there.

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