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Friederich Klopfenstein & Chris Hyde
Friederich Klopfenstein & Chris Hyde rNUTS 3.0.2 (circa 03 November 2000)
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   Readme.1st                                           RNUTS Version 3.0.2

i. Index of topics:

        1. Before you begin...
        2. Building from the archives...
        3. Documentation
        4. Compiling source code...
        5. Copywrites...
        6. Thank yous and acknowledgements...


1. Before you begin:

   First of all we want to thank you for choosing RNUTS 3.0.2  We are very
proud that you want to try our code base for your talker.  It is your
interest in talkers that has inspired our minds to create this code in the
first place.  We liked the functionality of the NUTS codebase,
but saw how it lacked in some areas or in certain things(no
offense meant in any way to the original author(s)), so we added 
our ideas to the mix and developed this base.  Personally we wanted to
create a code that was both fun and useful.  We hope that we have
accomplished that.

   Now you are probably wondering where you need to start.  As you can
tell there is nothing in this directory at the moment except a few archive
files, a Build script and a README.1st which we hope you finish reading.
Please refer to the next section about Building to see how to make your
talker come to life.


2. Building from the archives:

   As you noted there is a Build script in this directory along with a few
archives.  What the general purpus of this Build script is, was to make
the install process a bit less painful.  Due to the fact that the
utilities and scripts need to be compiled, and to assure that all files
are properly placed in the directory structure i would recommend that you
use the build script.

  To do so, simply type at your unix prompt:   ./Build

If you know that 'gcc' does not work and or is not mapped to the GNU
compiler on your server, please do not use the Build script.  Instead you
will need to manually unpack the archive files, and compile your
utilities, changing the a.out files from each util compiled to


3. Documentation:

   During the building process a few DOCS are going to be installed.
Please read these carefully because they will give you needed information
as to how you need to set the config file up so that your taer works


4. Compiling source code:

   Included with the DOCS you will find a document on compiling your
server.  Please note that not all servers will compile simply by typing:

   gcc rnuts.c

In some casses you will have to deviate from that to make your server


5. Copywrites:

   Also note that the source code you have just recieved is licenced under
a free copywrite.  This means that you can change and distribute this code
as you like.  But also Note..a slight change to this code does not mean
that you have created a completelly new code base.  If you are going to go
and change one or two lines and then start disributing it calling it your
own code this is not the talker code for you.


6. Thank yous and acknowledgements:

First and foremost, thanks to Neil Robertson and all that helped him
create the original NUTS codebase.
home page     :
NUTS home page:

Also, thank you for choosing RNUTS 3.0.2. This code has been brought to
you in part by our Source Code Distributor.

Talker Site Host and Code Distribution:
   Cybermac Consulting
   4250 Ximines Lane
   Plymouth, MN 55441

Also thanks to all the people that have helped us along the way as
well(see .h credits for more info).

Friederich Klopfenstein & Chris Hyde - May 1996
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