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Jamf Management Templates

Management is constant, self-evaluating and ongoing.

Use your Jamf server as a management tool not a task tool.

If a baseline policy installs an application and a user later removes it, Jamf should re-install it. If a Self Service policy installs an application, Jamf should manage updates for a user until the user decides to remove the application.

These templates provide examples for managing most types of applications using Jamf Pro following the following 1-2-3 cycle:

  1. Installation
  2. Patching
  3. Removal

Once in place, a Jamf Pro administrator should only need to follow the Ongoing Maintenance instructions to keep applications patched.

Management applies to preferences and settings too. Refer to the Security settings (CIS) in the sidebar for a method to use Jamf Pro for establishing a security baseline for your Macs and then reporting and remediating devices that fall below baseline.

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