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Droid Bionic force closes all the time #207

talklittle opened this Issue Dec 17, 2011 · 2 comments

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Use MotoDev Studio to develop for Bionic, I suppose


I think this is fixed. I think it may have been several factors.

  1. Android Lint pointed out that "subtle bugs" have occurred when putting some of the <uses-*> tags after the <application> tag in the manifest. Could have been true here, not sure.
  2. libs dir was named lib, which used to work but apparently is a big no-no -- what broke was either newer Android API versions, or proguard which reddit is fun did not use in the past. My bet is something proguard-related, since the regular debug apk worked fine, but the post-proguard signed apk force closed. Anyway the Android SDK in Eclipse only recognizes "libs" as a special Android dir, but not "lib"

Also to test, you don't need to install MotoDev Studio, just grab the Bionic emulator image at

@talklittle talklittle closed this Dec 18, 2011

There was a third unreproduceable bug described here:

Despite the question title on stackoverflow, the bug was actually with HttpClient socket size parameter.
Thanks to users who reported that the bug only showed up on 4G, which led me to believe it was something Internet-related.

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