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I've implemented HTTPS support, cleaned up the HttpClient code a tiny bit, and bumped the Jackson version from 1.5.2 to 1.8.5. I tested it, and everything seems to still be working - and securely.

I used small, single topic commits, with minimal modifications. If there's anything that isn't acceptable, please let me know.


candrews added some commits Aug 24, 2011
@candrews candrews Use existing HttpClient in RestJsonClient 34d5930
@candrews candrews Reusing existing ObjectMapper in RestJsonClient.
Don't create new ObjectMapper's - one is sufficient.
ObjectMapper.readValue can use an InputStream directly, no need to convert to String first.
@candrews candrews Upgrade to Jackson 1.8.5 e1a3f1a
@candrews candrews Instead of hard coding, use Constants.REDDIT_BA…
@candrews candrews Use .json extensions off of main site instead of api.reddi…
… URLs
@candrews candrews Use the HttpClient interface throughout instead of the specific Defau…
…ltHttpClient implementation

Expose HttpClient's cookie store via Common.getCookieStore() because the HttpClient interface doesn't expose it
@candrews candrews Override only createClientConnectionManager in DefaultHttpClient, pre…
…serving the default params.

Make the https scheme work.
@candrews candrews Use HTTPS for communications with reddit via (…
…until works :-))
@candrews candrews If available, use SSL session caching to speed up SSL connections. If…
… not available, use a non-caching SSL socket factory.

This feature is available starting in Android 8.

good change


good change. I would also remove the now-unused convertStreamToString method.


This change adds about 250kb to the lib size (significant). Can you tell me the relevant changes between 1.5.2 and 1.8.5 that prompted the version update?


I always try to keep libraries up to date for various reasons (usually to fix bugs or improve performance). I'm surprised this library grew so much in size - I never checked before. Perhaps I should look into using proguard which should eliminate this growth as my next effort. In the mean time, other than "for the heck of it" there was no reason I updated the library, so feel free to not pull this commit. :-)

Figuring out how to get Proguard working on this project would be fantastic. For now I think I'll omit this change.


Sounds good to me!


I like this change.


Not sure why this change was made. I like the other way better, since it makes it a bit cleaner when constructing URLs--don't need to add the ".json" everywhere. In the past I used the .json in URLs, but was later introduced by the reddit admins, and I prefer using that.

Maybe we could add a second constant, Constants.REDDIT_API_BASE_URL, and revert the ".json" pieces?


I made this change because there is no HTTPS service for the URLs. So if we want SSL, we have to use the .json style :-/


Hmm, client is null when loading reddit preferences in BrowserActivity. I don't remember why I did that, though. I'll have to remember what the reason was.


This does seem to be better coding practice. Not sure if it's necessary though--look at most Android code snippets online and you see they're using DefaultHttpClient instead of HttpClient.


Besides coding practice, there are good practical reasons to do this change. For example, Android SDK>=8's AndroidHttpClient implements HttpClient, but does not extend DefaultHttpClient. Therefore, you can't use DefaultHttpClient everywhere. I really need to write a blog post and complain about how many Android app's use DefaultHttpClient, and end up missing out on SSL session caching, multithreading, and other such things.

Ah, that does sound like a good reason. Thanks for the heads up.


Interesting. :)


Nice work!




Thanks a lot for the work you did on this! The one other thing I'd want to add is the ability to toggle between HTTP and HTTPS via the Settings page.

@candrews candrews Add Proguard support.
Note that Proguard 4.4 (which is currently included in the Android SDK) is to buggy and creates an apk that crashes at startup. Proguard 4.6 works. See
Removed Markdown jar as it is not used.
Included "library dependency" jars that aren't used at runtime by the application but are referred to by the libraries the application uses and therefore are required by Proguard.
Bump Android target to 9, as there are some reflection references to classes in Android version 9.

I've added proguard support in my last commit. Let me know what you think.


Awesome! Thank you for doing this. Is there an improvement in apk size?


720K ThreadsListActivity-debug.apk
488K ThreadsListActivity-release.apk

(debug is non-proguarded, release is proguarded)

32% savings. Not bad :-)

Wow! very nice!


I'd love to get this patch series (proguard, https) in at some point. What else can I do to make that happen?

@talklittle talklittle merged commit f70f0c6 into talklittle:master Sep 24, 2011
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