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Welcome to the reddit-is-fun wiki!

This is a project to get a good reddit browser for android.
It should be ok because there is a reddit api


Hmm, lack of documentation = less ok than I expected. But it should still be doable.
There’s an official reddit iPhone app after all.


single comment view?
from single comment view you can go to context view (tree with that comment as root)
# votes
time submitted, with the *
comment itself

expanded post view (full comments up to k depth as presented on reddit.com)

votes view – show just the number of votes +/-, and username. Clicking on the link opens single comment view.

Use volume up/down for voting!!! In many comment view, you can select one which gets highlighted. in single comment view, of course vote applies to current one

important to show bounding boxes for comments
important to allow adjustable font size for browsing mode

Pro version title ideas:
• reddit is professional
• reddit is fun (pro)
• reddit is fun yet professional