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Spider-Man VR Experience

Virtual Reality experience based on WebVR, works best with a VR headset like Oculus Quest.


  1. Use the headset browser to visit the site -
  2. Click on the "VR" button on the bottom right to enter VR mode
  3. Enjoy

Unofficial, fan-made and open source

This project is made by a fan for educational purposes with fair use in mind. It is open source and non-profit (not even ads). Its goal is to explore the physics behind Spider-Man's web swinging and allow fans to experience what this ability feels like in VR.

One of my favorite games this year was Spider-Man PS4 where swinging around the city feels almost as good as Spider-Man 2 on the PS2. Hopefully this experience would inspire Marvel to make more official VR experiences for this mechanic.

Tips and tricks

To swing around, aim the controller at a high point on a building and press and hold the trigger. Your web shooters have limited range so aiming too far will not work. Shooting two webs simultaneously will help you balance yourself.

Advanced movement (optional): If you need to make sharp turns, hold the grip button in addition. If you want to make your webs tighter or looser (this will influence how strong they pull), pull the thumbstick up/down before shooting.

The crystal challenge: Crystals appear near intersections on the main roads. To find a crystal simply follow a road. The wrist of your left hand shows how many crystals were collected without hitting walls or the ground.


Game mechanics implemented by talkol

Built with A-Frame to demonstrate the power of WebVR (who knew JS can do this much!)

Background music is a playlist of Spider-Man related tracks I found on SoundCloud

The crystal 3D model is an optimized version of Crystal Kyber by Ian Diaz licensed under CC BY 4.0 (source assets are compressed)

The hands 3D models are a derivative of Spider-Man:Interactive View by Pawas Saxena licensed under CC BY 4.0

Sound effects came from ZapSplat

The file hand.js is based on a component from A-Frame which is release under the MIT license

And lastly, thanks to @Galadirith who helped iron out everything missing from the credits