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Python 3.x Support License: GPL v3+

alsangue is a naive static website builder written in python.


alsangue is available through the Python Package Index (PyPI). Pip is pre-installed if python >= 3.4 has been downloaded from; if you're using a GNU/Linux distribution, you can find how to install it on this page.

After setting up pip, you can install alsangue by simply typing in your terminal

# pip3 install alsangue


alsangue install a command line utility with the same name, alsangue. You can invoke command line help with alsangue --help and get command options with

alsangue <command> --help

You can find an example content directory in this repo which you can edit to build your own website. To build it just type:

cd alsangue/example
alsangue content build


This program is licensed under GNU General Public License v3 or later by Pellegrino Prevete. If you find this program useful, consider offering me a beer, a new computer or a part time remote job to help me pay the bills.