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License: GPL v3+

an example run

Connotati (Italian for salient characteristics and markings) is a small stupid python 3.x script for GNU/Linux or other POSIX systems supported by GTK+ (and supported by xdotool and xprop for windows pattern matching feature) to start GTK+ applications with given theme and variant.


Connotati is available through the Python Package Index (PyPI). Pip is already installed if you are using Python 3 >=3.4 downloaded from; if you're using a GNU/Linux distribution, you can find how to install it on this page. After setting up pip, you can install connotati by simply typing in your terminal

pip3 install connotati


The script source code is heavily documented; you can access the command line help with

connotati --help


This program is licensed under GNU General Public License v3 or later by Pellegrino Prevete. If you find this program useful, consider offering me a beer, a new computer or a part time remote job to help me pay the bills.