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Hi, we’re Talon.One 👋

We’re a powerful promotion engine that enables you to create targeted and customized marketing promotions built around your customer and session data. Create, manage and track discounts, coupon codes, referral, loyalty and product bundles all in one holistic platform.

✨ Unleashing your promotion campaigns

Once you integrate with Talon.One, marketing teams get the flexibility to customize promotions through the campaign manager UI and access to any data linked to your businesses in real-time through the robust API. This enables our clients to drive customer engagement, grow their business and reduce promotional spend by deploying highly targeted and personalized promotional campaigns.

🌍 Who we are

Launched in 2015 by people who understand disruptive marketing, Talon.One has grown into the leading Promotion Engine for enterprises. We’re an international team with 190 team members coming from 40 different countries. We have 4 locations, HQ in Germany and 3 other locations, USA, UK and Singapore.

Talon.One is trusted globally by companies like Zalando, Adidas, Reebok, Eddie Bauer, Boohoo, Debenhams, River Island, Sports Direct, Carlsberg, DocMorris, Shop Apotheke, GoodRx, Helloprint and JD Sports. We have built a product that is loved by marketers and developers alike.

🛠️ Our tech stack

Our tech stack from the bottom up:

  • Kubernetes running on Google Cloud
  • PostgreSQL
  • We use Go for our API, core logic, and internal tooling
  • TypeScript, React, Redux, and CSS modules for our web application
  • Cypress for automated end-to-end testing
  • Other odds & ends in JavaScript and shell script

We are hiring! Check out our career opportunities:

Why work with us? Check our Instagram Talon.One Page to learn more about culture

If you want to review our documentation use this link:

To learn more about us, read our 💻 blog


  1. talang talang Public

    A custom programming language, specifically a lisp-dialect, implemented in Go, that we developed and use internally at Talon.One

    Go 27 3

  2. commercetools-talonone-accelerator commercetools-talonone-accelerator Public

    The AWS/GCP connector between Talon.One and commercetools

    JavaScript 3 3

  3. TalonOneJavaSdk TalonOneJavaSdk Public

    Talon.One API SDK for Java

    Java 3 5

  4. go-txhelper go-txhelper Public

    Go 2 1


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